Studium Generale lecture 8/02/2018 - Hans Aarsman

What kind of insights will you get if you take some distance? What will happen when you come close?
Hans Aarsman will take you on a tour along ideas, assumptions and observations. He zooms in and he zooms out to come up with a different view of the world.

KABK Studium Generale lecture poster - Hans Aarsman - 8 February 2018
Studium Generale poster designed by Dayna Casey, alumna KABK Graphic Design

Lecture: Zooming In and Zooming Out

Aarsman’s occupation is best described as fieldwork: observing, counting and measuring. He looks for connections in all kinds of sources. Photography comes in handy because on a photograph the world comes to a standstill, so there is all the time you need for some serious fieldwork. Since 2004 he has an article in the Dutch Newspaper the Volkskrant called The Aarsman Collection. In this article he is a detective with a magnifying glass studying pictures.

Bio – Hans Aarsman (Amsterdam,1951)
In 1989, Hollandse Taferelen, a book about his one-year trip through the Netherlands with notes and photographs, was published. After returning to Amsterdam, he continued to photograph and write. In 1993 that resulted in Aarsmans Amsterdam, a book that ‘shows how the city looks out of the corner of your eye’, as he would describe it. His photographic work has been shown several times in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. In 1995 his first novel, Twee Hoofden, één kussen (TwoHeads, One Pillow) appeared and in 2012 the book De fotodetective (The Photodetective) was published. This year he tours with his third theatre show already: Exactly the Opposite.



Thu 8 February 2018 16.00 - 17:30


Auditorium KABK