Photography exhibition Visual Currency at the Nederlands Fotomuseum

The exhibition Visual Currency opens on 26 May at the Nederlands Fotomuseum and is part of the Undiscipling Photography symposium, organised by the Nederlands Fotomuseum together with the Master Photography & Society (KABK), the Research Center for Material Culture and the Wereldmuseum.

During the symposium, seventeen international photographers and researchers from twelve different countries (South Africa, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Iran, Canada and several European countries) debate - using their photographic experience and knowledge as a starting point - the question of what photography can contribute to the representation of social issues that shape our lives today.

KABK photography students of the Master Photography & Society respond to the lectures with unprecedented photographic work (images, photo series, film clips).

The exhibition Visual Currency starts during the symposium and can also be seen afterwards by everyone from the Wilhelminakade - street side of the Nederlands Fotomuseum. This window exhibition presents photographic work by Sophie Allerding, João Mateus Da Fonseca Viegas and Rafael Roncato, all photography students of the Master Photography & Society at the KABK.



Wed 26 May 2021 00.00 - Sun 31 October 2021 00.00