Opening Practicum Artium online exhibition

The Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) and the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) invite you to the opening of the Practicum Artium online exhibition on 11 June 2020!

Practicum Artium is a joint programme by KABK and Leiden University that offers talented students from Leiden University the opportunity to develop their artistic skills in drawing, graphic design, painting or photography during a semester at KABK.
Practicum Artium traditionally culminates in a presentation of the students’ artistic works to celebrate the developments they’ve achieved. This year, due to the corona pandemic, we will organize an online exhibition on the Research Catalogue. The opening of this unique exhibition will happen on 11 June 2020 via Zoom at 17h00 and you are invited!

Opening via Zoom
Like any other exhibition, we will host an opening. Due to the special circumstances, this will happen online via the Zoom platform. Four of our students will guide you through the different ‘rooms' and are here to answers any question you might have. Digitally we will raise our glasses at 17h00 to make a toast on this first online exhibition and opening.

Opening words by Rosalien van der Poel and Liza Swaving

The exhibition

The arts can be a reflection on society and its times. It, therefore, does not come as a surprise that many students chose to comment and reflect on the Covid-19 pandemic in their final artistic works. The coronavirus has planted seeds of inspiration for some. For others, it’s mostly the dark energy and sadness of the pandemic that resonates in their work. Besides the pandemic, also other urgent topics were explored, such as climate change, the human-nature relationship, patriarchy, and the end of our times. And more personal themes like fragility, dreams, and student life.

Screenshot digital exhibition

Research Catalogue
As we all wait for the current measures to be lifted, we are exploring new, digital ways to stay connected. This year’s Practicum Artium exhibition will, therefore, take place on Research Catalogue, an online, collaborative workspace where art and academia meet. A very inspiring and relevant context for showcasing the works.

Viewing art online
Viewing art online changes the experience. Some nuances might be lost in digital form, such as the daylight hitting a material surface or the scent of paint on a canvas. Other experiences will be added, such as the possibility to re-visit the exhibition space again and again and again at any moment and from any place you’d prefer.
Please feel welcome to freely scroll, click, read, swipe and navigate your way through this online exhibition space, and enjoy the diverse works of these art students!


Bali Angyan
Charlotte Arnoldy
Hester Be
Dylan Brown Wilkinson
Quirijn Dees
Kim Engels
Ines Jimenes
Liza Klimova
Lily Li
Kayla Mackintosh
Elena Mansour
Charlotte Meyer
Annienke Mul
Mattie Nelson
Erika Riccobon
Florien Smit Sibinga
Anna Ziegler
Katrine Zwartjes

Larissa van Beckhoven
Kim Engels
Paula Ott
Myrthe van Herk
Joris van den Einden
Lasse Dietz
Jerry Weidema
Julia Quist
Cyril Stephan
Lou Touyarou
Lidia Varda
Jenny Chuang
Ming-Chan (Bao) Tsai

Graphic Design
Roos Daemen
Xiaoqing Ji
Avita Maheen
Iris Molenaar
Marjolein Helena Joey Tol
Suzy Willekens

Anna Pabērza
Kim Engels
Linda Kersseboom
Liza Klimova
Mattie Nelson
Mirthe den Held
Nienke Ijspeert
Nina van de Lest
Zuzu Smugala



Thu 11 June 2020 17.00 - 18:00