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As we all know, the world is currently facing an unexpected and very challenging situation due to the international spread of the coronavirus. This also has consequences for the various open days and tours that we organize for prospective students.

This is why the Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design now offers prospective candidates the opportunity to get portfolio advice from our IA & FD tutor Ingeborg Horst via a 15-minute online session.

Portfolio advice

In your portfolio, we would like to see relevant work of your own and/or commissioned work you have made. Make a selection and present the portfolio in an organized and structured way. Your portfolio should demonstrate your working process and your conceptual design skills, which are paramount for studying at our department. We prefer to see work that has been made on your own initiative. This can be two-dimensional and/or three-dimensional work, but the work must show that you have spatial awareness.

On our portfolio tips page, you can find a booklet with general portfolio recommendations, tips and relevant information intended for prospective applicants to our preparatory and bachelor programmes.

Find more information about the admission requirements for the Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK).



Mon 22 June 2020 18.30 - 20:30


15-minute online sessions

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