Online Open Day '22: Master Artistic Research

This master's programme explores the boundaries between thinking, making, writing and sharing and that often produces surprising results. Listen to the head, students and teachers and what they have to say about this study programme.

About the Master Artistic Research


Language: English
Duration: 2 years full-time
Degree: Master of Arts (MA)
Start programme: September 2023

Application deadlines (incl. portfolio):
- 1 March 2023
(priority deadline)
- 1 May 2023

See the admission requirements

More about this study programme

Listen to a conversation with Aleksandra and Omid, second year students of the Master Artistic Research programme at KABK!

Screenshot Graduation Catalogue Master Artistic Research
screenshot Graduation Catalogue

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Sat 26 November 2022 10.00 - 16:00