Online Open Day: BA Textile & Fashion

Textile and Fashion students are fascinated by the spirit of time and how it manifests itself in the world around us.

In the first year at the KABK you will deal with both fields, textile and fashion, in order to make a well-considered choice between the two disciplines in the second year.

All first-year students are educated in pattern making as well as technical courses like knitting, weaving, and printing techniques. As a student of textile or fashion you will experiment with shapes and research materials, colours, techniques and textures in the academy’s workshops.

During the four-year programme you will pursue creating innovative designs and a personal style, which includes forming an outspoken opinion. You will be researching the role of textile and fashion throughout history and in today’s and tomorrow’s society. Eventually you will work towards creating a graduation collection that represents your critical and personal vision, one that will support your positioning in the professional field.

The possibilities for Textile & Fashion graduates are very diverse, our alumni design collections or industrial products within international companies, design collectives or as an independent designer.

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Language: English
Duration: 4 years full-time
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Specializations: Fashion Design / Textile Design
Start program: September 2021

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Meet the BA Textile and Fashion- recording of the live stream on Saturday 23 January

The session of the BA Textile and Fashion starts at 5:56:58

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Sat 23 January 2021 13.00 - 19:00