Online Open Day: BA Interactive Media Design

Media are changing rapidly and affect nearly every aspect of our lives. As an Interactive/Media/Design (I/M/D) student, you strive to understand and use complex technologies to design products that influence our society.

During the programme you will experiment with various new and traditional applications in the field of design innovation. You will learn about new technologies such as biohacking, artificial intelligence, the maker movement, smart objects, and co-design.

You will be given experimental assignments to work towards designing products, interactive installations, and other creative practices. Through practice and theory-based research, you will explore the cooperation between people, machines, processes, and cultures – and improve them.

At the KABK you will be taught the professional skills to work in the Creative Industries. I/M/D graduates create the professional field of the future by combining professional disciplines such as art, technology, and for instance healthcare. They often end up at creative design companies, media labs, or NGOs or start their own independent creative business.

More info about the BA I/M/D and how to apply


    Language: English
    Duration: 4 years full-time
    Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)
    Start programme:
    September 2021

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    You can send any questions you still have about I/M/D by e-mail to our coordinator Dave Wille

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    Online Open Days campaign design: Jaap Smit, BA Graphic Design 2017

    Original image: from the graduation project LIMB-O, by Marlot Meyer, BA I/M/D 2020



    Thu 21 January 2021 16.00 - 21:00