KABK alumni in HOOGTIJ#71

The 71th edition of the Contemporary Art Tour The Hague on Friday, 25 November, features work in several art locations in the inner-city of The Hague by KABK alumni.

Participants: ….ism, 1646, Billytown, Corneroh, Galerie Maurits van de Laar, Galerie Sophie, Grafische Werkplaats, HEDEN, Hgtomi Rosa, Maldoror Galerie, Nest, Page Not Found, Projektruimte WEST END, Quartair Contemporary Art initiatives, Refunc, Ruimtevaart, SinArt Gallery/Gallery Nono, Stroom Den Haag, The Balcony, The Grey Space, Trixie, WEST DEN HAAG.

Find the expositions of alumni featured during Hoogtij #71 listed below:

….ism, 1646: Frits Dijcks (Graphic Design, 1990), Zahar Bondar (Fine Arts, 2019) and Alex Andropoulos (Fine Arts, 2019)

Billytown: Bernice Nauta (Fine Arts, 2013)

Galerie Maurits van de Laar: Cedric ter Bals (Fine Arts, 2018), Romy Muijrers (Fine Arts, 2015)

Grafische Werkplaats: Kai Ming Li (Fine Arts, 2022), Alexander Koch (Fine Arts, 2022)

Hgtomi Rosa: Jan Dirk Adams (Fine Arts, 2019), Erik Kamaletdinov (Fine Arts, 2020), Luis Maly (Fine Arts, 2017), Yukari Nakamichi (Fine Arts 2017), Laura Snijders (Textile and Fashion, 2018), Constantijn Scholten (Fine Arts, 2018) and Alexander Webber (Fine Arts, 2019).

SinArt Gallery/Gallery Nono: Chung-Hsi Han (Fine Arts, 1997)

Stroom Den Haag: Yeon Sung (Graphic Design, 2019)

The Balcony: Daisy Madden-Wells (Artistic Research, 2019)

WEST DEN HAAG: Byungjun Kwon (MA ArtScience, 2008)

Hoogtij #70. Photo: Eva Rietbergen
Hoogtij #70. Photo: Eva Rietbergen



Fri 25 November 2022 19.00 - 23:00


Startlocation 18.30-19.00: Nest (De C. Rebecqueplein 20B)

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Free art tours start at 19.00. book via hoogtij.net