KABK'ers in Hoogtij #62 - offline + online edition

This edition of HOOTIJ#62 will feature work and projects produced, curated, and/or initiated by among others KABK alumni Eva Sigurdardottir, Suzie van Staaveren, Jan Dirk Adams, Gino Anthonisse, Paul Beumer, Marwan Bassiouni, Thijs Jaeger, Rik Laging, Joeri Woudstra, Yair Callender, Nele Brökelmann, Katarina Petrović, June Yu

For the online edition, you can see videos from the participating locations on the event's program page.

Extra online talk show: Marie Jeanne de Rooij interviews Janice McNab , artist & head MA Artistic Research KABK.

  • ...ism project space - Lost in a one way space
    ism makes room for three starting artists who have finished art academy this summer. One of them is Eva Sigurdardottir (Fine Arts 2020). The artists work together for a few weeks within the space to complete the exhibition. In this way, they are in dialogue with each other as well as with the specific spatial possibilities of …ism.
  • Billytown presents Kifl the Kid Salon by Suzie van Staaveren (Fine Arts 2017) and Jan Dirk Adams (Fine Arts 2019); a site-specific exhibition / Salon that explores the redefinition of the relationship between the exhibition and the public.
  • Das Leben am Haverkamp - Can we leave this male posturing bullshit till later? by Gino Anthonisse (Textile & Fashion 2014) where the artist investigates the role of wonder in his work by creating an alternative reality; sculptures in combination met ceramics, created during a residency in Japan.
  • Dürst Britt & Mayhew - Frequently the Woods are Pink by Paul Beumer (Fine Arts 2009), Alejandra Venegas. Front space: Prayer Rug Selfies by Marwan Bassiouni (Photography 2019).
  • Heden - With the exhibition Wolpertinger Thijs Jaeger (Fine Arts 2017), Rik Laging (Graphic Design 2018) and Joeri Woudstra (Graphic Design 2016) want to investigate and question the current state and the influence of capitalism on the efficiency of our lives.
  • Sis Josip Galerie - Wandelen met God, a contemporary installation by Yair Callender (Fine Arts 2013), part of the long-term project Der Himmel on Earth
  • Trixie[蒸汽船] Steamboat by Nele Brökelmann (Master ArtScience 2018), Katarina Petrović (Master ArtScience 2016) and June Yu (Bachelor ArtScience 2018), research into new ways of working together. Extra: audio clip at 20:30 via QRcode.
  • Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives - Artist Support Fair - No flower without roots!; cheerful sales exhibition with affordable work and performances by more than 100 artists.
    Artist initiatives and art makers are the roots of the visual arts landscape and deserve extra support in the corona crisis.



Fri 25 September 2020 19.00 - 23:00


Offline + Online edition

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