'In the Dutch Mountains' by third year students bachelor Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

We’d like to invite you for the opening of the show in the Dutch Mountains by third year students of the bachelor Interior Architecture and Furniture Design.

It celebrates the landscape of the National Park Hollandse Duinen. This wide coastal area from Hoek van Holland to Hillegom starts in the sea and runs through the wide and open sandy landscape of the sea strip, the young dunes, the older and more closed dune valleys by the woody estates into the cities of concrete and bricks. How we relate to this landscape, constituted by biotic and abiotic, tangible and non-tangible matter, visible and invisible narratives is the common factor of the works.

The opening will take place on Friday 16 December, 10.00h in KABK galleries 1,2,3.



Fri 16 December 2022 00.00 - Sat 17 December 2022 00.00


KABK galleries 1,2,3