Alumni and students of the Royal Academy of Art are regularly nominated, rewarded with prizes or receive an honourable mention, from the Prix de Rome to the Interior Innovation Award and various art and design competitions. They are also regularly featured in publications or exhibitions. We are proud of our students and graduates, that's why we like to mention their accomplishments and successes on this page.

Steenbergen Stipendium 2022

Nominee: Amy Opstal (Bachelor Photography 2022)

Kassel Dummy Award 2022

2nd prize: Lou Lou van Staaveren (Bachelor Photography 2021)
3rd prize: Bebe Blanco Agterberg (Bachelor Photography 2021)

Global Design Graduate Show 2022

Ilaria Palmieri
(Master Interior Architecture 2022)
Niya Tsenkova
(Bachelor Fine Arts 2022)
Emilija Povilanskaitė
(Bachelor ArtScience 2022)
Kwadwo Amfo (Bachelor Photography 2022)
Ben Maier
(Bachelor Photography 2022)
Katia Motylova
(Bachelor Photography 2022)
Will Boase
(Master Photography & Society 2022)

Ron Mandos Young Blood Award 2022

Marcos Kueh (Bachelor Textile & Fashion 2022)

Ron Mandos Photo Talent Award 2022

Kwadwo Amfo-Akonnor (Bachelor Photography 2022)

Van Ommeren - De Voogt Prijs 2022

Danny Choi (Bachelor Fine Arts 2020) - prize winner
Obbe van der Weide (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022) - nominee

Graduation 2022 Encouragement awards

Stichting tot Steun Award

Kwadwo Amfo-Akonnor (Bachelor Photography 2022)
Sarah Hoogman (Bachelor Interactive Media Design 2022)
Wies Mobach (Bachelor Interactive Media Design 2022)
Nina Škerjanc (Master Industrial Design 2022)
Lema Ahmadi (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022)
Biko Wouterse (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022)

Paul Schuitema Award

Jamal Ageli (Bachelor Photography 2022)

Stroom Talent Award

Paulina Trzeciak (Bachelor Graphic Design 2022)
Zela Odessa Palmer (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022)
Jamal Ageli (Bachelor Photography 2022)
Georgina Pantazopoulou (Master Interior Architecture 2022)

Jan Roëde Award

Alexander Koch (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022)

Heden Start Award

Johnny-Mae Hauser (Bachelor Photography 2022)

Waag Art & Technology MA Award

Armand Lesecq (Master ArtScience 2022)

Waag Art & Technology BA Award

• Anne-Florence Neveu (Bachelor ArtScience 2022)

iii Residency Award

Jeroen Alexander Meijer (Bachelor Interactive Media Design 2022)

Rotary Pulchri prijs

Menno Pasveer (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022)
Obbe van der Weide (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022)
Milou van Vlijmen (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022)
Emilija Povilanskaite (Bachelor ArtScience 2022)
Robin Pieterse (Bachelor Fine Arts 2022)
Jamal Ageli (Bachelor Photography 2022)

Academy Shop Award

Weronika Uyar (Bachelor Graphic Design 2022)
Jules Janssen (Bachelor Graphic Design 2022)
Hannah Jacobs (Bachelor Photography 2022)

Steenbergen Stipendium 2021

Vladimir Vidanovski
(Photography 2021)
Lilli Weinstein (Photography 2021)

Dutch Design Awards 2021

winner Communication category:
Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn (Max Lennarts and Menno de Bruijn, BA Graphic Design 2015)

Royal Award for Modern Painting 2021

Winner: Rinella Alfonso (BA Fine Art 2019)

Piket Kunstprijzen 2021

Winner category Painting:
Narges Mohammadi (BA Fine Art 2020)
Nominee category Painting:
Isa van Lier (BA Fine Art 2020)

ARTSTHREAD Global Design Graduate Show 2021

Winner Textiles Knit/Weave: Sina Dyks (BA Textile & Fashion, BA)

Shortlisted graduates:
Liselot Cobelens (BA Interior Architecture and Furniture Design 2021)
Justine Corrijn
(MA Non Linear Narrative 2021)
Sina Dyks (BA Textile & Fashion 2021)
Arno Eiselt
(MA Industrial Design 2021)
Jesse Rebekah Greulich (BA Interior Architecture and Furniture Design 2021)
Ella Hebendanz (BA Interactive/Media/Design 2021)
Frederik Klanberg
(BA Photography 2021)
Farah Rahman (BA Art Science 2021)
Stef Reijnierse
(BA Textile & Fashion 2021)
Alice West (BA Fine Arts 2021)

EYE Researchlabs - Best curated film program

winner: KABK students of the IST Lab 2021
(Amfo Amfo-Akonnor, Madelon ter Borg, Dion Bierdrager, Lulu van Dijck, Emma Grima, Jemima de Jonge, Ben Maier, Sabi Nicholson, Emily Rooney, Leonardo Scarin, Lina Selg, Bora Şekerci, Paulina Trzeciak, Lui Wolstencroft)

Charlotte Köhler Prijs 2021

Winner: Puck Verkade (BA Fine Art 2011)

Dior Photography and Visual Arts Award for Young Talents 2021

Shortlisted: Sophie Allerding and Kata Geibl (Master Photography & Society students)

NN Art Award 2021

Nominee: Lilian Kreutzberger (BA Fine Art 2007)

Leiden Shorts 2021 National Award

Winner: Cyan Bae (MA Non Linear Narrative 2020)

Seoul International Women’s Film Festival 2021

Winner: Cyan Bae (MA Non Linear Narrative 2020)

Graduation Awards 2021

Zilveren camera 2020

Art Culture and Entertainment serie:
2nd prize:
Marjon Driessen (Photography 1995)

Category Storytelling:

2nd prize:
Michelle Piergoelam (Photography 2020)
3rd prize:
Bebe Blanco Agterberg (Photography 2020)

Steenbergen Stipendium 2020

Bebe Blanco Agtenberg
(Photography 2020)
Suzanne Schols
(Photography 2020)
Ashleigh Wilson
(Photography 2020)
Pippilotta Yerna
(Photography 2020)

LensCulture Black & White Awards 2020

Juror's pick - Selected by Jim CasperEditor-in-Chief LensCulture
Bebe Blanco Agterberg (Photography 2020)

Royal Award for Modern Painting 2020

Janne Schipper (Fine Arts 2018)
Among the 15 nominees:
Rinella Alfonso (Fine Arts 2019)
Leonie Schneider
(Fine Arts 2018)

Ron Mandos Young Blood Award 2020

Winner: Narges Mohammadi (Fine Arts 2020)

NFF Talent Awards 2020

Cyan Bae
(MA Non Linear Narrative 2020)
Louana Gentner
(BA Graphic Design 2020)
Claude Nassar
(MA Non Linear Narrative 2020)
Linus Kropp
(BA Photography 2020)
Giulia Faccin
(MA Non Linear Narrative 2020)

Dutch Design Awards 2020

Category Design Research
Nominee: Xandra van der Eijk (Master ArtScience 2011)

Category Communication
Winner: Studio Dumbar - Design in Motion Festival (DEMO), a collaboration with i.e. alumnus Koos Breen (BA Graphic Design 2014)

Start Point Prize 2020

Nominee: Suzanne Schols (BA Photography 2020)

Art+Technology Award 2020

Winner: Nicky Assmann (Bachelor ArtScience 2009 & Master ArtScience 2011)

Dorothy Waxman International Design Prize 2020

Among the finalists and with special mention:
Min Gweon (Textile 2019)

Luma Arles x Dior

Among the 13 laureates of the 2020 Dior Photography and Visual Arts Award for Young Talents:
Alex Avgud (Photography 2019)
Loretta Monique (Photography 2019)

Piket Kunstprijzen 2020

Nominees category Painting:
Lorena van Bunningen (BA Photography 2014) - winner
Ciro Duclos (BA Fine Arts 2015)
Afra Eisma (BA Fine Arts 2017)

The Hague Film Festival 2020

Category Best Journalism
Winner: Hattie Wade (MA Non Linear Narrative 2020)

De Volkskrant Beeldende Kunst Prijs 2020

Among the five nominees:
Sharelly Emanuelson (MA Artistic Research 2014)
Philip Vermeulen (BA ArtScience 2017)

NN Art Award (Art Rotterdam 2020)

Nominee: Natalia Jordanova (BA Fine Arts 2018)

Hyères International Festival Fashion and Photography

Among the Photography finalists:
Kata Geibl (first-year student MA Photography & Society)

Zilveren Camera, category Storytelling

2nd prize winner category Storytelling, 2019:
Nael Quraishi (BA Photography 2019)

Niio x AI Art Prizes 2019/2020

2nd prize Chris Kore (BA Graphic Design 2019)

Vordemberge-Gildewart Award 2020

Nominee: Bob Eikelboom (Fine Arts 2012)

Cor Unum design contest

3rd prize: Mik Bakker (second-year student BA Furniture Design)

2020 Kassel Dummy Award

Shortlisted artists:
Alex Avgud
(Photography 2019)
Victoria Chaushyan
(Photography 2019)
Yara Jimmink (Photography 2020)
Michelle Piergoelam (Photography 2020)
Suzanne Schols (Photography 2020)

Communication Arts 2020

category: Typography / Typeface Design
winner: Marc Rouault
(MA TypeMedia 2016)

Royal Award for Modern Painting 2019

Winner: Machteld Rullens (Fine Arts 2012)
Among the nominees:
Kateřina Konarovská (Fine Arts 2015)

Piket Art Prizes 2019

Winner: Jordan Herregraven (Fine Arts 2014)
Among the nominees:
Florentijn de Boer (Fine Arts 2017)

Steenbergen Stipendium 2019

Winner: Viktor Naumovski

KABK nominees:
Viktor Naumovski and Mafalda Rakoš (Photography 2019)

Ron Mandos Photo Talent Award 2019

Winner: Alex Avgud (Photography 2019)

Ron Mandos Young Blood Award 2019

KABK nominees:
Alex Avgud (Photography 2019)
Katarina Juričić (Photography 2019)
Jamy Osinga (Photography 2019)
Elodie Vreeburg (Photography 2019)
Alexandra Puhachov (Fine Arts 2019)

Paris Photo - Aperture Foundation 2019 PhotoBook Awards

Nominee First PhotoBook:
Marwan Bassiouni (Photography 2018)

Unseen Dummy Award 2019

Shortlisted photo books by:
Filippo Maria Ciriani (Photography 2019)
Mafalda Rakoš (Photography 2019)

Icarus Award 2019

ECP (Platform for the Information Society)

Winner: Chris Kore (Graphic Design 2019) (real name Christina Kordunian)
Among the nominees: Linsey Dolleman (Graphic Design 2019)

Unseen Meijburg Award 2019

Winner: Marleen Sleeuwits (Photography 2010)

Culture Fund Fashion Stipendium

Winner: Erik Frenken (Textile & Fashion 2002)

Harry Pennings Award 2019

Winner: Marwan Bassiouni

KABK nominees:
Marwan Bassiouni (Photography 2018)
Eline Benjaminsen (Photography 2017)
Esther Hovers (Photography 2015)

New Material Award 2019

Nominee: Xandra van der Eijk (Master ArtScience 2011)

Dutch Photobook Award 2019

KABK nominees:
Christian van der Kooy (Photography 2006)
Henk Wildschut (Photography 1997)

YAA-award 2019

Winner: Daniël Siegersma (Photography 2018)

Van Vlissingen Art Foundation Grant 2019

Winner: Rinske Former (Photography 2016)

Fiep Westendorp Stimuleringsprijs 2019

Winner: Iris Lam (Graphic Design 2018)

Sybren Hellinga Kunstprijs

KABK nominees: Samuel Otte (Photography 2016) and Natalia Papaeva (I/M/D 2018)

SBK Sprouts Young Talent Award 2019

Winner: Tibor Dieters (Photography 2019)

SBK-Otto Hetterscheid Stimuleringsprijs 2019

Winner: Stella Kim (Textile 2019)

KABK Graduation 2019 Awards

Winners & Nominees

Student awards

Photo District News (PDN) annual contest

Winner in the category Student Work: Hossein Fardinfard (2nd year Photography)

Teacher awards

Prix de Rome 2019

Nominee: Esiri Erheriene Essi (KABK Fine Arts tutor)

Paris Photo - Aperture Foundation 2019 PhotoBook Awards

Nominees Photobook of the Year:
Henk Wildschut (tutor Master Photography & Society)
Sohrab Hura (guest tutor Master Photography & Society)

MK award 2019

Carly Rose Bedford (tutor BA Interior Architecture & Furniture Design)

Interfaculty ArtScience

Bachelor Fine Arts

  • Royal Award for Modern Painting 2018
    - Juliaan Andeweg (Fine Arts 2012)
    - Afra Eisma (Fine Arts 2017)
    - Daniel van Straalen (Fine Arts 2012)
  • Young Art Critic Award 2018
    Nominee category Review:
    Pia Louwerens (Fine Arts 2012)
  • Ron Mandos Young Blood Award 2018
    Winner: Quentley Barbara (Fine Arts 2018)
  • Piketkunstprijs 2018 category Painting
    Winner: Eden Latham
    - Brigitte Louter (Fine Arts 2018)
    - Eden Latham (Fine Arts 2017)
    - Sam Andrea (Fine Arts 2018)
  • KABK Graduation Awards
    • Jan Roëde Award 2018
      Winner: Quentley Barbara
    • Stroom Encouragement Award
      Winner: Leonie Schneider
    • Stroom KABK Invest
      Winners: Quentley Barbara, Jihyun Baek, Leonie Schneider
    • Department Award
      Winner: Janne Schipper
      Nominees: Heleen Kruijt, Tina Jeranko, Brigitte Louter
    • Royal Academy Bachelors Award
      Winner: Janne Schipper
    • Academy Shop Award
      Winner: Sam Andrea
  • Van Vlissingen Art Foundation Grant 2018
    Sophie Steengracht (Fine Arts 2015)

Bachelor Photography

Bachelor Graphic Design

  • TENT Academy Award 2018
    Nominee: Iris Lam (Graphic Design 2018)
  • KABK Graduation Awards
    • Paul Schuitema Award 2018
      Winner: Iris Lam
    • Department Award
      Winner: Taisiia Reshetnik
      Nominees: Rebecca Rui,Asya (Alexandra) Sukhorukova

Bachelor Interactive/Media/Design

Bachelor Interior Architecture

  • KABK Graduation Awards
    • Paul Schuitema Award 2018
      Nominee: Rachel Borovska (Honourable mention)
    • Department Award
      Winner: Kornelija Chaleckyte
      Nominees: Anastasia Izotova, Dann Kuiper, Luuk Wezenberg
    • Bachelor Thesis Award
      Winner: Rachel Borovska

Bachelor Textile & Fashion

  • Keep an Eye Textile & Fashion Award 2018
    Winner: Joana Schneider (Bachelor Textile & Fashion 2018)
  • Lichting 2018
    Participants: Yuki Ito and Timothy Scholte (Bachelor Textile & Fashion 2018)
  • KABK Graduation Awards
    • Department Award
      Winner: Joana Schneider
      Nominees: Marijn van der Eyden, Timothy Scholte

Master Artistic Research

  • KABK Graduation Awards
    • Department Award
      Winner: Greta Desirée Facchinato
      Nominees: Valentino Russo, Wai Lun Hsu
    • Master Thesis Award
      Winner: Valentino Russo

Master Industrial Design

Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE)

Master Type Media

School voor Jong Talent

Stipendium for Established Artists (Mondriaan fonds)

April 2018

  • Sybren Renema (Bachelor Fine Arts, 2009)
  • Hiromi Nishimoto (Bachelor Fine Arts, 2008)
  • Nadine Stijns (Bachelor Photography, 2001)
  • Lard Buurman (Bachelor Photography, 1997)
  • Ola Lanko (Teacher dpt. Photography)
  • Jan Robert Leegte (Teacher dpt. Graphic Design)

Stipendium for Emerging Artists (Mondriaan fonds)

April 2018

  • Dóra Benyó (Bachelor Fine Arts, 2012)

August 2018

  • Marlies Lageweg (Bachelor Photography, 2014 pt)
  • Sem Langendijk (Bachelor Photography, 2015)
  • Vera Mennens (Master Artistic Research, 2017)
  • Nazanin Karimi (Bachelor Graphic Design, 2014)

Teachers' Awards

Students' Awards

Fine Arts

  • Koninklijke Prijs voor Vrije Schilderkunst 2017
    winner: Suzie van Staaveren (Bachelor Fine Art 2016)
  • Piketkunstprijs category Painting
    - winner: Julien Guettab (Bachelor Fine Art 2017)
    - nominee: Mattia Papp (Bachelor Fine Art 2017)
    - nominee: Suzie van Staaveren (Bachelor Fine Art 2016)
  • Young Talent Work Contribution by the Mondriaan Fund - April 2017
    - Hannah Dawn Henderson (Bachelor Fine Art 2014)
    - Machteld Rullens (Bachelor Fine Art 2012)
    - Alexandra Martens Serrano (Bachelor Fine Art 2014)
    - Jip Hilhorst (Bachelor Fine Art 2015)
    - Kateřina Konarovská (Bachelor Fine Art 2015)
    - Daniel van Straalen (Bachelor Fine Art 2012)
  • Established artists work contribution by the Mondriaan Fund April 2017
    - Thomas Raat (Bachelor Fine Art 2001)
    - Andrea Freckmann (alumna Fine Art 2010)

Graphic Design

  • ADCN award 2017
    winner: Gilles de Brock (Bachelor Graphic Design 2013)
  • ICARUS award 2017
    winner: Roos Groothuizen (Bachelor Graphic Design 2015)

Interfaculty ArtScience

  • Bonn Hoeren - Sonotopia competition 2017
    winner: Falco Pols, (Bachelor ArtScience, 2017)
  • Bio Art & Design Award 2017
    winner: Xandra van der Eijk (Master ArtScience, 2011)


  • Steenbergen Stipendium 2017
    winner: Eline Benjaminsen (Bachelor Photography 2017)
    'Ornithology' by former student Anne Geene & alumnus Arjan de Nooy

Textile and Fashion

  • European Woolmark Prize 2017
    - winnaar: David Laport (alumnus 2012)
  • DUTCH DESIGN AWARD 2017 category Fashion
    - winner: Das Leben am Haverkamp design collective (alumni Textile and Fashion: Anouk van Klaveren, Christa van der Meer, Dewi Bekker and Gino Anthonisse)

Type and Media

  • European Design Awards - ED Awards
    winner Bronze prize: Alessio D'Ellena (Master Type Media 2016)

School for Young Talent

  • James Dyson Award - Dutch national competition
    winner: former student Felix Mollinga

Students' awards

  • EYE on Art - 'The Research Labs', Best Curated Programme
    winner: KABK IST Research Lab 'Trance & Moving Image'

Teachers' awards

  • Prix de Rome
    nominee: Katarina Zdjelar (Teacher at Master Artistic Research)
  • ADCN award 2017
    winner: Ruben Pater (Teacher at the Bachelor Graphic Design)

Fine Arts

  • Koninklijke Prijs voor Vrije Schilderkunst 2016
    - nominees:
    Jan Wattjes (alumnus FA 2008)
    Anne Forest (alumna FA 2011)
  • Piketkunstprijs 2016 - category Painting
    - winner: Debbie Young (alumna FA 2016)
    - nominee: Tobias Lengkeek (alumnus FA)
  • TENT Academy Awards
    - nominee: Dinu Comendant (alumnus FA 2016)
  • Design competition Arval
    - winner: Dawn-Marie Mak (alumna FA 2015)
  • Sybren Hellinga Art Prize 2016
    - nominees:
    Eric Peter (alumnus FA 2013)
    Machteld Rullens (alumna FA 2012)

Graphic Design


  • Steenbergen Stipendium 2016
    - winner Kimmo Virtanen (alumnus Ph 2016)
  • Zilveren Camera 2015 (category National documentary, series)
    - winner: Lynne Brouwer (alumna Ph 2015)
  • The Anamorphosis Prize
    - shortlisted: Rinske Former (graduate 2016)
  • Canon Zilveren Camera 2015 Award
    - nominee: David Galjaard (alumnus Ph 2006)
  • Unseen Dummy Award 2016
    - nominee: Nita Vera (alumna 2016)
  • FOTODOK grant dialogue 2016
    - winner: Cleo Wächter (alumna Ph 2015)
  • Rijksakademie Residency 2017
    - admitted: Maurice van Es (alumnus Ph, 2013)
  • Young Talent Work Contribution by the Mondriaan Fonds
    - Johan Nieuwenhuize (alumnus Ph, 2006)

Interfaculty ArtScience

  • Talent Development Grand - Creative Industries Fund NL
    - Nicky Assmann (alumna Bachelor ArtScience 2009 & Master ArtScience 2011)

Interior Architecture & Furniture Design

  • Venice Architecture Biennale 2016
    - selected work Elements of Time by alumna Nynke Koster (alumna 2013
  • Foederer Talent 2016
    - winner 2nd prize: Sven van Dieken (alumnus 2016)
  • BNI 2016 Public Choice Award
    - winner: Judy Wetters (alumna 2016)

Textiel & Mode

  • Max Heymans competition
    - winner: Anne Oomen (alumna T&M 2015)

Master Artistic Research

  • Theodora Niemeijer prize 2016
    - shortlisted: Anne Oomen (alumna T&M 2015)
  • Rijksakademie Residency 2017
    - admitted: Marieke Zwart (alumna MAR, 2015)

INSIDE Master Interior Architecture

Type and Media

  • Morisawa Type Design Competition 2016
    - winner Gold prize: Bart Vollebregt (alumnus 2016)
    - winner Silver prize: Jitka Janečková (alumna 2016)
    - honourable mentioning: Marc Rouault (alumnus 2016)


  • Dutch Design Awards 2016 - Communication
    - winner: PhDArts candidate Joost Grotens (Studio Joost Grotens)
  • Dutch Design Awards 2016 - Habitat
    - finalist: PhDArts candidate Jonas Staal (Studio Jonas Staal)

Royal Academy Awards - Graduation 2016

    - winner: Sven van Dieken (Interior Architecture and Furniture Design)
    - winner: Samuel Otte (Photography)
    - honourable mentionings:
    Louise Rietvink (Interior Architecture and Furniture Design)
    Valeria Gay(Graphic Design)
    Renate van der Togt (Photography)
    Olena Shkarupa (Graphic Design)
    Jury statement
    - winner: Tobias Lengkeek (Fine Arts)
    Jan Roëde encouragement award
    - winner: Edmond Steinbusch (Fine Arts)
    Jury statement
    - winner: Yamuna Forzani (Textile & Fashion)
    - honourable mentionings:
    Luuk Eggenhuizen (Graphic Design)
    Elizaveta Pritychenko (Graphic Design)
    Alexander Andropoulos (Fine Arts)
    Jerome Cornevin (Fine Arts)
    Suzie van Staaveren (Fine Arts)
    Fahmy Shanin (Interactive/Media/Design)
    Jury statement
    - winner: Kimmo Virtanen (Photography)
    Jury statement
    - winner: Suzie van Staaveren (Fine Arts)
    Jury statement
    - winners:
    Doris Hardeman (Fine Arts)
    Bas Kaufmann (Fine Arts)
    Tobias Lengkeek (Fine Arts)
    Suzie van Staaveren (Fine Arts)
    more info

Students' awards

  • Circular Design Challenge
    - winner: Conrado Aguiar, student Postgraduate Course Industrial Design
  • FSC Design Award 2016
    - winner: Zsofia Kollár, student Interior Architecture
  • NRC Fotowedstrijd January 2016
    - Laila Mubarak, student Photography
  • BNO Packaging Talent Awards 2016
    - winner: Sean Valies, student Graphic Design
  • Bloomsbury Festival competition 2016
    - winner: Wies van der Wal, student Graphic Design in exchange programme at Central Saint Martins in London

Teachers' awards

  • Dutch Design Awards 2016 - Communication
    - finalist: Lauren Alexander (Foundland collective), teacher Graphic Design
  • Dutch Design Awards 2016 - Product
    - finalist: Gijs Baks (Space Encounters), teacher Interior Architecture & Furniture Design
  • Christie van der Haak Zilveren ED Award 2016 voor publicatie 'Fairy Tales Christie van der Haak'
  • Marie Ilse Bourlanges & Elena Khurtova (teachers IAMO) in the shortlist of the second edition of The Anamorphosis Prize
  • Royal award for Corinne Noordenbos (former head of the Photography department)
  • Dolf Henkes Prijs 2016
    - nominee: MAR teacher Katarina Zdjelar

Fine Arts

  • Prix de Rome visual arts 2015
    Longlist candidates:
    - Daan den Houter (FA alumnus 2003)
    - Femmy Otten (FA alumna 2004)
    - Evi Vingerling (FA alumna 2002)
  • Koninklijke Prijs voor Vrije Schilderkunst 2015
    (Royal Award for Modern Painting)
    - Anne Forest
    - Paul de Jong
    - Mirthe Klück (winner Public Award)
    - Lilian Kreutzberger
  • KoMASK Masters Salon 2015
    Honourable mentioning: Jonas Raps
  • MK AWARD 2015
    - Nominee: NISHIKO (JP) (FA alumna 2008)
  • Talent Development, Mondriaan Fonds
    - Eric Peter (FA alumnus 2013)
    - Marijn Ottenhof (FA alumna 2014)
    - Jan Wattjes (FA alumnus 2008)
    - Bernice Nauta (FA alumna 2013)
  • Karel van Manderprijs 2015
    Winner: Ad Stijnman
  • Wilheminaring 2015
    Alumnus and former KABK teacher Auke de Vries receives the Wilheminaring 2015

Interior Architecture (bachelor and master)

  • BNI prijs 2015 (Bachelor)
    Winner: Kristel ter Steege
  • BNI prijs 2015 (Master)
    Nominee: Junyuan Chen
  • Fonds Kwadraat Toekenning
    Daniël van Dijck (alumnus 2013)

Textile & Fashion

  • Lichting 2015
    - Winner: Nikki Duijst
    - Nominee: Nienke Smeulders
  • Specsavers Dutch Design Talent 2015
    - Winner: Janna van Vught
    - Nominees: Sonny Roffel en Bastian Visch


  • Steenbergen Stipendium 2015
    - Winner: Esther Hovers
    - Nominees: Amber Toorop, Yara Van Der Velden and Majda Vidakovic
  • Unseen Photobook Dummy Award 2015
    - Esther Hovers
    - Cleo Wächter
  • Start Point Prize 2015
    - Winner: Esther Hover
  • ING Unseen Talent Award, 2015
    - Olya Oleinic
    - Sjoerd Knibbeler
  • Paris Photo - Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards 2015
    - Sjoerd Knibbeler
    - Maurice van Es
  • Grand Prix du jury Photographie in Hyères
    - Winner: Sjoerd Knibbeler
  • Longlist Prix de Rome 2015
    - Nominee: Anoek Steketee
  • Zilveren Camera 2015 Binnenland documentair (serie)
    - Winner: Lynne Brouwer
  • DocuDenHaag 2015 (documentary photography project of Het Nutshuis)
    - Jan Rosseel (alumnus 2014)
    - Verena Blok (alumna 2013)
    - Ursula Jernberg (alumna 2012)
  • Werkbijdrage Jong Talent (WJT), Mondriaan Fonds
    - Luuk Smits (alumnus 2013)
    - Iztok Klančar (alumnus 2012)
    - Guus Kaandorp (alumnus 2011)

Graphic Design

  • Longlist Prix de Rome 2015
    Nominee: Marcel van de Berg

Industrial Design

  • Volvo Design Challenge 2015
    Winner: Lilian van Daal
  • Public Award 'Ontwerp + Innovatieprijs Gelderland'
    Winner: Lilian van Daal


  • Prix de Rome visual arts 2015
    Longlist candidates Prix de Rome 2015:
    - Nicky Assmann
    - Jessica de Boer


  • Red Dot Design Award: Communication Design 2015
    - Winner: PhDArts candidate Danne Ojeda

Royal Academy Awards - Graduation 2015

  • Academy Award Bachelor
    - Winner: Eline van der Ploeg (Graphic Design)
  • Academy Award Master
    - Winner: Junyuan Chen (Master Interior Architecture)
  • Academy Award Thesis
    - Winner: Nina Couvert (Graphic Design)
  • Stroom Encouragement Award
    - Winner: Abel Wolff (Fine Arts)
    - Honourable mentioning: Anne Kranenborg (Interior Design) and Menno de Bruijn (Graphic Design).
    Press release (in Dutch)
  • Schuitema Award:
    - Winner: Anne Kranenborg (Bachelor Interior Design)
    - Honourable mentioning: Lynne Brouwer (Photography)
    Read the jury rapport (in English)
  • Overduin Award:
    - Winner: Lynne Brouwer (Photography)
    - Honourable mentioning: Roderick Rotting (Photography)
  • Jan Roëde Award:
    - Winner: Liza Pace (Fine Arts)
    Read the jury report (in Dutch)
  • Stroom KABK Invest:
    - Yara van der Velden (Photography)
    - Max de Waard (Fine Arts)
    - Mickey Yang (Fine Arts)
    - Jeanette Slütter (Fine Arts)
  • Heden Start Award:
    - Winner: Jonas Raps (Fine Arts)
  • Goedman Awards:
    - Els den Baars (Fine Arts)
    - Elide Mozzorecchi (Master Interior Architecture INSIDE)
  • Bachelor ArtScience department award
    - Winner: Yaprak Sayar
    - Nominee: Thijs van Teijlingen
  • Bachelor Fine Arts department award
    - Winner: Jip Piet
    - Nominees: Max de Waard and Abby Meier
  • Bachelor graphic Design department award
    - Winner: Inès Da Costa
    - Nominees: Menno de Bruijn and Eline van der Ploeg
  • Bachelor Interactive/Media/Design department award
    - Winner: Nathan Uphoff
    - Nominee: Martin Risseeuw
  • Bachelor Interior Architecture department award
    - Winner: Marlies van Putten
    - Nominee: Anne Kranenborg and Hatice Kilinc
  • Bachelor Photography department award
    - Winner: Esther Hovers
    - Nominees: Lynne Brouwer and Majda Vidakovic
  • Bachelor textile and fashion department award
    - Winner: Nikki Duijst
    - Nominees: Fabian Bredt and Nienke Smeulders
  • Bachelor Thesis Award
    - Winner: Nina Couvert
    - Nominees: Sophia Klinkenberg, Martin Risseeuw, Esther Hovers, DM Mak, Thijs van Teijlingen, Fabian Bredt
  • Master Artistic Research department award
    - Winner: Marieke Zwart
    - Nomineee: Pierfrancesco Gava
  • Master ArtScience department award
    - Winner: Natela Lemondzhava
    - Nominee: Marit Mihklepp
  • Master Interior Architecture department award
    - Winner: Junyuan Chen
    - Nominees: Emilija Juodyte, Elide Mozzorecchi
  • Master Type & Media department award
    - Winner: Heidi Rand Sørensen
    - Nominees: Marko Hrastovec, Tilmann Hielscher

Student awards

  • Chaumont Design Graphique award
    - 1st prize: Márton Kabai (Graphic Design)
    - 2nd prize: Zineb Benaasarou and Jean-Marie Fahy (Graphic Design)
  • BraunPrize 2015
    Nominee: Andrew Pyza (Industrial Design)

Tutor awards

  • Volkskrant Beeldende Kunstprijs 2015
    Nominee: Dina Danish (tutor Fine Arts)
  • Longlist Prix de Rome 2015
    Nominee: Dina Danish (tutor Fine Arts)
  • Shortlist Prix de Rome Beeldende Kunst 2015
    Lauren Alexander (tutor Graphic Design)
  • Volvo Design Challenge 2015
    Nominee: Jólan van der Wiel
  • Ouborgprijs 2015
    Winner: Christie van der Haak

Interior Architecture

  • Andrea Roelofse (winner bni-award 2014 bachelor)
  • Nic Roex (2009) nominated for D'SIGN Awards 2014
  • Renate Nederpel (2011) nominated for D'SIGN Awards 2014
  • Nynke Koster (2013) nominated for D'SIGN Awards 2014


  • Hany Saad won a 2nd BNO Packaging Talent Award

Textile & Fashion

  • Bastian Visch (winner Lichting 2014)
  • Bastian Visch wins 'Volkskrant Vakgenotenpoll' 2014

Fine Arts

  • Niels Broszat (winner of Koninklijke Prijs voor Vrije Schilderkunst 2014)
  • Bob Eikelboomone (winner of Koninklijke Prijs voor Vrije Schilderkunst 2014)
  • Olya Oleinic winner Steenbergen Stipendium

Industrial Design

  • Merel Kamp nominated for Rijksstudio Award 2014


  • Claudia Linders (head IAFD) nominated for the Arie Keppler Prize 2014


  • Post Graduate Course Industrial Design student Camila Fix and Interior Architecture & Furniture Design student Louise Rietvink are nominated for the Public Price of the HEMA Design competition 2014
  • Louise Rietvink receives honourable mention HEMA Design Competition
  • Fine Arts student Liza Pace wins Committee/Press Room Competition
  • ArtScience student Roel Heremans wins Prestigious Belgische VOCATIO Scholarship


  • Marloes van Son Winner ArtScience Department Award and Honourable mention Royal Academy Prize (3rd Place)

Fine Arts

  • Gaëlle Largilliére Winner Stroom Award
  • Jason File Royal Academy Thesis Award
  • Eric Peter Winner Fine Arts Department Award
  • Alina Eliza Smocov Winner Goedman Prize
  • Gurel Konuralp Winner Goedman Prize

Graphic Design

  • Gilles de Brock Winner Overduin Award
  • Marleen van der Zanden Winner Schuitema Award
  • Marthe Prins Winner Graphic Design department Award

Textile & Fashion

  • Sonny Roffel Masterly Young Talent
  • Christa van der Meer Winner Textile & Fashion Department Award


  • Jan Rosseel Winner Royal Academy Award and Honourable mention Photography Department Award
  • Jan Rosseel Honourable mention Schuitema Award
  • Verena Blok Poznan Photo Diploma Award 2013 Grand Prix winner

Interior Architecture & Furniture Design

  • Nynke Koster Winner Interior Architecture and Furniture Design Department Award and Honourable mention Royal Academy Award (2nd Place)
  • Lieven Poutsma Honourable mention Schuitema Award


  • Vera Herr Winner Interactive/Media/Design Department Award and Honourable mention Royal Academy Award (3rd Place)


The photo award 2009-2010

  • Mentioned in category 'Fotoboek' Janneke de Jong
  • Mentioned in category 'Fotoboek' Wouter de Wit
  • Mentioned in category 'Fotoboek' Pip Erken
  • Mentioned in category 'Fotoboek' Adrian Woods

Harvest Photography

  • First prize Kim Nuijen
  • Frank Penders
  • Niels Blekemolen


  • Nir Nadler en Chaja Hertog - Media Art Friesland prize with 'The Four Riders'
  • Dewi de Vree (ism Rachida Ziani) - Nominee Rene Coelhoprijs 2010
  • Joris Stijbos - Nominee Rene Coelhoprijs 2010


Fine Arts student Evelien Gransjean wins competition 20 years unity of Germany

Fine Arts and Design

  • Nicoline van Harskamp - winner of the Prix de Rome 2009
  • Sara Rajaei - one out of four nominees for the Prix de Rome 2009
  • Hugo Schuitenmaker - Stroom prize 2009
  • Joris Jansen - Steenbergen stipendium 2009
  • Arjem de Nooijer - the 'Kleine Hans' - photo prize 2009
  • Mirjana Vbraski - fourth prize at the National Portrait Gallery, London
  • Jalta Evers, Lot Mostert, Nick Borst and Geo Timmerman - the Academy prize Textile and Fashion
  • 'third years' department fashion - 'Best Bachelor Year' at the fashion factory of the Amsterdam Fashion Week
  • Joy Andriesse - prize-winner of the style of The Hague Festivals 2009
  • Marjolein van Voskuilen - prize winning poster Crossing Border
  • Ella Gazibara - prize-winner Lustrum logo University of Leiden
  • Astrid van Wintershoven-van Eijken - prize-winner poster 'About animals' for the National Theatre
  • Julian van der Velde, El-Nadeem El-Rawi and Ferry Dorresteijn - honourable nomination book cover 'Oeroeg' CPNB
  • Anna Krylova - honourable nomination Graphic Culture prize Students
  • Dewi de Vree/Rachida Ziani - honourable nomination René Coelho-prize Dutch Institute for Media arts
  • Izaak Zwartjes - honourable solo exhibition in Cobra Museum, Amstelveen
  • Paul Beume - nominated for the Royal Prize for the Free Art of painting 2009 (other nominations were given to alumni Lilian Kreutzberger, Niels Broszat, Joep Overtoom, Marius Lut)
  • Branko Miliskovic - nominated for the national TENT Academy awards and the Rene Coelhoprijs 2009
  • Zoe Reddy - winner of the consolation prize STROOM 2009
  • Zoe Reddy, nominated for the Grand Prize Zuid-Holland
  • Marte van Maris - first prize BNI-prize 2009 for the project Meet & Greet
  • Willem Wits - Film Festival Amsterdam Audience prize
  • Paul Beumer, Stephan van den Burg, Veniamin Kazachchenko, Natascha Libbert, Branko Miliskovic, Nicole O’Niel, Milou Rabe, Ohad Ben Shimon en Stephan Sjouke in Ron Mandos Best of Graduates 2009

Accepted to master studies

  • David Benque - Interactive Design, RCA London
  • Casper Schipper - Media Arts, UCLA, California, USA
  • Eric Parren - Media Arts, UCLA, California, USA
  • Sybren Renema - School of Arts, Glasgow
  • Hyo Kwon - Typografische Werkplaats, Arnhem
  • Laure van Hout - Artistic Research, HBKMD Den Haag
  • Edwin Stolk - Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam
  • Nicole O'Niel - Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam
  • Timmy van Zoelen - Piet Zwart Instituut, Rotterdam
  • Kianoosh Motallebi - Rijksacademie, Amsterdam


  • Meying Bong
  • Anna Krylo
  • Johannes Verwoerd
  • Eric Parren

Prizes for teachers of the Academy

  • Justin Bennet - The Ouburg Prize 2009, cityprize fine arts of the Gemeente Den Haag
  • Gert Dumbar - BNO Piet Zwart Prize/life time achievement award Dutch Design Award 2009
  • Edwin van der Heide - winner Witteveen+Bos-prize for Art + Technics-prize 2009
  • Paul Koek - Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds Theatre prize 2009

Fine Arts and Graphic Design

  • Yukio Hatazawa - Allianz Dutch Graphics prize
  • Julia Nieburg - Artolive Young Talent prize
  • Lilian Kreuzberger - Buning Brongers Prize, two yearly prize for promising artists
  • Niels Broszat - Buning Brongers Prize
  • Xandra van der Eijk - Paul Schuitema prize
  • Marieke Berghuis Leeuwens - first prize flyer contest festival Crossing Border
  • Evelien van Benthum - first prize Loomery Awards (textile talent)
  • Charlotte de Groot - second prize Loomery Awards (textile talent)
  • Marieke Brommersma - nomination Graphic studentprize
  • Jan Wattjes - nomination Royal Prize
  • Hiromi Nishimoto - nomination Start Point Prize
  • Evi Vingerling - nomination Wolvekamp Prize

Part-time studies and Industrial Design

  • Barbara Vos - First prize HEMA- designcontest in category hardware
  • Elise Joy Kommer - First prize 'The Netherlands Reads, The Netherlands Designs' with the awarded cover for the book 'De gelukkige klas' by Theo Thijssen
  • Bonnie Severien - nomination Royal Prize for free art of painting (alumna Fine Arts part-time)


  • Magdalena Pilko - Steenbergen prize
  • Willem Populier - attendance prize of the Steenbergen prize
  • Magdalena Pilko - Stroom prize (also nominated for the Academy prize)
  • Roland Pupupin - first prize Photo Award Dutch Association of Insurers
  • Annick Ligtermoet - second prize Photo Award Dutch Association of Insurers

Fine Arts and Graphic Design

  • Ruchama Noorda - Hermine van Beers award
  • Petra van Noort - Stroom award
  • Lilian Kreuzberger - nominated for the Royal Award for Free Art of painting
  • Bonnie Severien - nominated for the Royal Award for Free Art of painting


  • Denis Koval - first prize of the Photo Award Dutch Association of Insurers
  • Elisa Sjelvgren - second prize of the Photo Award Dutch Association of Insurers
  • Mayaan Ben Gal - honourable mention of the Photo Award Dutch Association of Insurers
  • Bregje van der Berg - nominated and honourable mention at the yearly Steenbergen Stipendium

Gemeente museum Den Haag GEM

Isabella Roozendaal was represented in the exhibition “7Up” at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.
Soohreh Hera was also selected to take part in it. There was a lot of rumor about her work and in the end director Wim van Krimpen refused to exhibit some of her works. This rumor was extensively presented in the press.

Graphic art

Thierry Wijnberg won the first Paul Schuitema prize with his graduation project ‘typography for the blind’. Paul Schuitema was a teacher at the KABK and an important representative of the Dutch avant-garde of the last century. Next to the uniform Braillesysteem Thierry offers a diverse range of possibilities in his project. This means a discovery in typography for the blind.

Fine arts and Graphic Design

  • Essay award 2006: Tjarko van der Pol
  • Goedman award: Tim van Broekhuizen
  • Nominated for the Royal Award: Pim Blokker
  • Award International Art Workshop Pienkow: Margot Lamers
  • Buning Brongers award: Evi Vingerling
  • Komeet award: Daan den Houter
  • Diligentia award: Diederik van Hees
  • Cover VPRO-magazine: Johannes Verwoerd

Textile & Fashion

  • Hema-award: Limor Arrieli
  • Consolation prize Stroom: Sara Vrugt
  • Frans Molenaar award: Alexandra Stojadinov, 1ste prize
  • Frans Molenaar award: Claes Iversen, 2de prize

Accepted to Master studies

  • Ehsan Fardniyan, Goldsmiths, London
  • Kianoosh Motalebbi, Goldsmiths, London
  • Joep Overtoom, Slade Art Institute, London
  • Camiel Coppens, Chelsea Art Institute, London
  • Olivier Cornelissen, Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam
  • Maja Bekan, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam
  • Margo Onnes, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam
  • Mirko Lazovic, second phase Art & Science, The Hague
  • Rumiko Hagiwara, Post Sint Joost, Breda.


  • Alumni have been active at all kinds of national and international platforms. These range from different kinds of commercial galleries and artist initiatives to the 'Gemeentemuseum' and the 'Gem' museum in The Hague, the 'Rijksacademie Amsterdam', exhibitions in Berlin, Spain, Turkey and the United States.
  • The examination edition of magazine Items discussed Casper Schipper's graduation project about the relativity theory by Einstein.
  • An extensive Fashion report was published of 4th year student Irene Middelkoop in magazine Items.

We are very proud of our alumni and we put every effort into keeping these pages up-to-date with relevant information. In case of omissions or mistakes, please inform us via so that we can make any necessary changes.