Service for KABK alumni

After graduating, alumni of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) move and work around the world. We are proud to count more than 14,000 graduated artists and designers in our network. 

We offer our alumni a number of services including the use of the academy’s workshops one year after graduation. We regularly organise activities for alumni and invite them back as guest lecturers or to be involved in KABK publications and events. 

Paid assignments 

We frequently receive requests from clients seeking artists or designers for paid assignments. We publish these on our BulletinBoard, or function as a mediator between our clients and alumni. 

Be sure to keep us updated with your current contact details and subscribe to the alumni newsletter to stay involved. 

We will publish an updated list of our alumni here shortly (please refer to our former website for an older list).

Post-graduate and master programmes abroad

Are you interested in studying abroad after graduating from the KABK? There are many continuing education programmes around the world. You do need to prepare for these well in advance as selections to these foreign postgraduate programmes usually take place in January. We recommend starting with your preparations at the beginning of your final year. Find out more:

Funds and scholarships

International postgraduate programmes can be expensive. Some programmes require students to put aside around €30,000 to cover tuition fees and travel and accommodation expenses for one academic year. Numerous funds and scholarships can help cover these costs, including: 

Please note that it is possible to submit applications to more than one fund at the same time. Visit for more funds and stop by the International Office for more information about criteria and application procedures.