Every year KABK organizies the Academy Wide Propaedeutic Project Week (AWPPW) with the intention to strengthen the connections between the different departments. This allows students of the Academy to fully experience the full spectrum of qualities the Academy offers to them. The Academy strives to stimulate an inspiring 'open culture', in which individual experience and skills, connect and collide. Having students from different backgrounds collaborate, creates new insights and perceptions.

During the AWPPW about 180 first year students from around 50 different countries attending seven diverse bachelor courses will be working together. Each group (20 groups of ±8 students) will be made up of students from each department and will work collectively on one or more assignment. Utilizing the various qualities the individual departments have to offer, the students will be challenged to create a multi-disciplinary presentation working together in a limited amount of time.



For more information contact the coordinator academy-wide education