Each year we are proud to present several prizes during the opening of the Graduation Festival. With these prizes the academy hopes to stimulate KABK graduates to kick-start their professional practice and career development.

The winner of the Heden Start Award benefits from a year of (commercial) coaching from art library and gallery Heden. Work by the winner will be purchased directly following their graduation. Heden also facilitates a presentation at a Dutch art fair and an exhibition on the Denneweg in The Hague.

The jury selects the winner from among the graduates of the Bachelor programmes. And this year's winner is Zahar Bondar, Bachelor Fine Arts.

“With rough, hard, classical materials such as metal, concrete and plaster this graduate makes compositions that are light, floating and gracious. The theatrical setting of his work is attractive, but also evokes friction, as the figures seem to be doomed to live their lives in the spotlight.”

Jury members: Jedithja de Groot, Erik-Jan Ligtvoet, Nadine van den Bosch (Art advisor).

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Jan Roëde studied at the academy in the early 1930’s and spent most of his life living and working in The Hague. After his death, the Jan Roëde Foundation was founded to commemorate his legacy and encourage young fine artists.

The prize consists of €2.500,- and is awarded to a graduate of the Fine Arts department.

Winner: Eliza Reszka, Bachelor Fine Arts

Jury members: Pim Voorneman (teacher Fine Arts), Louw van Sinderen, Dick Stapel, Olga van Hulsen, Sacha Bronwasser, Huub Wersch

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The Paul Schuitema Award sees the Royal Academy of Art honour the photographer, graphic and industrial designer Paul Schuitema, who taught at the academy between 1930 and 1960. The Paul Schuitema Award recognises work reminiscent of Schuitema’s spirit, vision and working method. In their assessment, the jury focuses specifically on individuality, problem solving ability and social relevance. The winner receives € 1.000,-.

The winner of the 2019 edition is Tijs Struijk, Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design, while there were two honourable mentions given to Pien Kars, Bachelor Graphic Design and Filippo Maria Ciriani, Bachelor Photography.

Jury members: Gert Dumbar (Teacher Graphic Design), Ernie Mellegers (teacher Interior Architecture & Furniture Design), Guus Rijven (teacher Photography), Maayke Schuitema (member of the Schuitema family).

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Every year, the presentation of the Stroom Den Haag Encouragement Award for Royal Academy of Art graduates is eagerly awaited. Partly due to the substantial prize money involved, but naturally also in light of the recognition and incentive this award offers in the further development of the graduate’s artistic practice.

The prize consists of € 2.500,- and is awarded to a graduate of the Bachelor programmes.

This year the jury was impressed by two graduation projects and therefore there were two winners of the Stroom Encouragement Award:
Moe Kim, Bachelor Textile & Fashion &
Christina Kordunian, Bachelor Graphic Design

Christina Kordunian
Christina Kordunian
Moe Kim
Moe Kim

Jury members: Maziar Afrassiabi (curator; founder Rib Rotterdam), Katayoun Arian (curator, committee member PRO-subsidies Stroom), Gabey Tjon a Tham (artist and alumna master ArtScience), Mischa Poppe, Jane Huldman.

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Stroom KABK Invest is a unique tailor-made programme intended for four selected KABK bachelor graduates. Selected by Stroom and KABK, these burgeoning artists receive a year-long intensive coaching in their artistic practice and development by artists Femmy Otten and Nadine Stijn, provided that their studio/workplace is located in The Hague.

This year the winners were:

Victoria Chaushyan, Bachelor Photography
Zahar Bondar, Bachelor Fine Arts
Eliza Reszka, Bachelor Fine Arts
Alex Avgud, Bachelor Photography

Jury members: Hans van der Ham, Manon Bovenkerk, Connie van Driel

The Keep an Eye Textile & Fashion Award, worth €10.000,- was handed out to Stella Kim.

"The jury has unanimously appointed Stella Kim as the winner of the prize. Her work is layered, personal and has an expressive power of a universal level, while it emits a high museum quality".

Jury members: Ninke Bloemberg (curator Centraal Museum), Christa van der Meer (Das Leben am Haverkamp and alumna Fashion KABK), Maarten Spruyt and Remi Veldhoven (alumna Textile KABK).

The Keep an Eye Textile & Fashion Award is meant to help the winning graduate in realising their ambition to improve their skills after graduation. The prize can be used as an investment for a Master degree, a summer course, or another textile/fashion training at an international institution.

The first edition of the Waag Technology and Society Prize was awarded to:
Louis Braddock Clarke, Bachelor Graphic Design.

Jury members: Lucas Evers, Jurre Ongering

We had a great day of experiencing high quality graduation works and had a hard time choosing a winner.
After discussing inclusive pornography, dance as political tool, how VR can help us understand the mentally impaired, DIY street objects emphasising the importance of recycling plastics, the effects of Machine Learning and VHS video on remembrance and forgetting, we finally decided to pick deep time sensing.
A coil antennae, designed to enable listening to de waves of iron ore, led Louis Braddock Clarke to find large ore concentrations that he never expected to be so close as at the Rotterdam harbour. There, he encountered a terrain as large as the city of The Hague with minerals from all over the world with all their distinct frequencies.
Braddock Clarkes project can teach us about sensing the effects of human global extraction activities over a time scale that we as individuals cannot sense. How do the geosphere and ecology at large react on the vast amount of materials shifted across continents? Does it change or poles, does it change species behaviours? Does it create unsensed fluctuations in global financial technology?
We greatly value the investigations of the artist and the way it makes eco-societal issues public by critically applying artistic technology. We encourage Louis to further this direction of urgent research. Congratulations.

Each year, the heads of all courses jointly select the best graduation works to be nominated for the Academy's Bachelor and Master Award while a jury of tutors appoints the winners. In addition to the enormous honour, the winners also receive € 1.500,- each.

Thanks to: Stichting tot Steun.

Royal Academy Bachelor Award

Winner: Viktor Naumovski, Bachelor Photography

“Ambitious and highly skilled image-maker with a keen eye for contemporary visual language. Elements as identity and cultural reference, memory and imagination are key concepts in his investigation. Viktor's work is both personal and political and holds ground in commercial, autonomous and experimental photography and film.”

Royal Academy Master Award

Winner: Jack Bardwell, Master Interior Architecture, INSIDE

“Jack brings critique in an engaging way, reflecting on the pressures of the outside world on the educational system, making us look in.”

Jury members Master’s Academy Award: Jarl Schulp (Master ArtScience), Ana Džokić (Master INSIDE), Federica Bueti (Master Artistic Research), Henrik Birkvig (Master Type Media), Sophie Krier (Master Industrial Design), Dr. Ramon Amaro (Master Non Linear Narrative).

Each Master and Bachelor department nominates their best thesis. Under supervision of Alice Twemlow, lector Design at the KABK, a committee decides which bachelor and master graduate has written the best thesis of 2019. The two winners receive € 500,- each.

Thanks to: Stichting tot Steun.

Thesis Bachelor Award

Winner: Risto Kujanpää, Bachelor Graphic Design

Thesis Master Award

Winner: Laura Frias Munoz del Cerro, Master Interior Architecture, INSIDE

Read the jury report on the Thesis Award

Jury members: Alice Twemlow (chair), Yolande van der Heide (deputy director, Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons), Rosa te Velde (KABK tutor BA Interior Architecture and Furniture Design)

Each department nominates their best students. The winner from each department receives € 500,-.

Bachelor ArtScience

Nominees: Jesus Iglesias Galvan, Ekaterina Ostraya, Sunna Svavarsdótto
Winner: Sunna Svavarsdóttor

Bachelor Fine Arts

Nominees: Daniele Formica, Jan Dirk Adams, Sophie Wester
Winner: Daniele Formica

Bachelor Graphic Design

Nominees: Louis Braddock Clarke, Risto Kujanpää, Khrystyna Kordunian
Winner: Louis Braddock Clarke

Bachelor Interactive/Media/Design

Nominees: Diego Grandry, Alina Bohm, Rambhasiri (Proud) Devakula
Winner: Diego Grandry

Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design

Nominees: Pien Post, Erik van Schaften, Charlotte de Goey
Winner: Pien Post

Bachelor Photography

Nominees: Viktor Naumovski, Filippo Ciriani, Tibor Dieters
Winner: Viktor Naumovski

Bachelor Textile & Fashion

Nominees: Stella Kim, Nina Dekker, Lina Lau
Winner: Nina Dekker

Master ArtScience

Nominees: Zoë d'Hont, Lauren Howells-Green, Ana Oosting
Winner: Ana Oosting

Master Artistic Research

Nominees: Lucy Cordes Engelman, Mel Chan, Helena Sanders
Winner: Lucy Cordes Engelman

Master Industrial Design

Nominees: Johanna Günzl, Daphne Storij, Marsha Wichers
Winner: Johanna Günzl

Master Interior Architecture INSIDE

Nominees:I-Chieh LiuJack BardwellLaura Frías Muñoz del Cerro
Winner: I-Chieh Liu

Master Non Linear Narrative

Nominees: Jean Baptiste Castel, Emma Verhoeven, Corinna Canali
Winner: Jean Baptiste Castel

Master TypeMedia

Nominees:Ryan BugdenJoona Louhi
Winner: Ryan Bugden

The Academy Shop Award is powered by Goedman Art supplies

The Academy Shop Award is intended to act as a stimulus for the starting artistic practice and activities of our graduates. The winner is chosen from among the graduates of the Bachelor programmes. This year, due to the collaboration with the Goedman Art Supply store, it was possible to double the amount of the prize to € 500,00. The money can be spent on art supplies at both the Academy's store and the Goodman brand store.

Winner: Jamy Osinga, Bachelor Photography