Mona Penn-Jousset

Visiting tutor

Mona Penn-Jousset is an African-American independent educator, writer, and curator with a background in Theater & Film, Black and Puerto Rican Studies, and Critical Thinking. Mona attended Hunter College, New York, and obtained her BA in Humanities, emphasizing Creative Writing from New College California.

With over 30 years of international education experience, she received her MA in Arts & Society at Utrecht University in January 2022. Her thesis is entitled, 'Beyond The Pale: Reforming Dutch art academies as locations where narratives and histories of people are constructed and maintained'. This thesis examines and proposes solutions to the administration, teaching staff, curriculum development, student wellness, and recruitment strategies within Dutch art academies.

A seasoned curriculum development expert, Mona teaches Intercultural Communication, Effective Communication, and Art and Heuristics across the BA program and offers courses in the MA program and workshops on Diversity & Inclusivity for the photography department lecturers at the KABK.

Mona has dual citizenship in the United States and France and is a serial entrepreneur. Her latest ventures are MAKER MAGAZINE | PODCAST and True North World podcasts. With photographer/filmmaker Coco Olakunle, Mona is half of the photography|filmmaking|creative duo, MOCA.