Bert Lonsain

Media & Materials tutor and IA & FD technical coach

Media & Materials tutor and IA & FD technical coach at the BA department of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design at the KABK, the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

Bert Lonsain is an Industrial Designer with his own practice and studio in Amsterdam. After his education Mechanical Engineering, the Design Academy (AIVE) and his graduation at ARTEZ in Arnhem he formed a partnership with Rob Hermes called Designworks in 1988. In 1992 he founded lonsain designstudio. He later partnered his life and work with Claire de Vries Robbé.

In his 30-year experience Bert Lonsain has worked on a great variety of projects in various domains and on almost every scale level, solo, or in different multidisciplinary teams. Educated in the analogue age, Bert has mastered and integrated digital tools into his workflow as technology developed.

Bert Lonsain has coached design students since 2003 starting at the TU/e at the faculty Industrial Design (specialized in intelligent objects and environments) until 2015 and at the KABK since 2015.