Final presentation: CITY SECTOR AM__PM

Every year the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) organises the Academy Wide Propaedeutic Project Week (AWPPW) with the intention to strengthen the connections between the different departments. It allows students to fully experience the full spectrum of qualities the Academy has to offer. We strive to stimulate an inspiring 'open culture', in which students' individual experience and skills, connect and collide.

This year's edition is titled CITY SECTOR___ AM/PM and students are challenged to not only connect and collaborate with each other and the open culture of KABK but to also use the city of The Hague as their (research) playground.

About the theme:
We have covered the city of Den Haag with a virtual circle, with the KABK as its center-point. This virtual circle is divided into 24 equal parts. These 24 different sectors represent a unique research area of a specific part of the city of The Hague. All propaedeutic students from all departments have been divided into 24 groups of 8 students, each group containing students from different departments.

Each group will be appointed one of the 24 parts of The Hague. This city-sector will be their research playground for the rest of the week.

To add another thought-provoking layer to this research area and discovery of the city, its culture, its history and its secrets, we have connected the 24 sectors to a specific hour in the clock. AM/PM – as the ‘city’s face’ can change considerably by day and/or nighttime. 1 hour AM and PM is allocated to each group, meaning that students will have to research their appointed area not only during the day, but also during the night.
Over the course of the week each group will research their city sector making use of all possible media. Ultimately each group processes this city-sector research in a 1-minute video AM and 1-minute video PM creating an opposite loop at day and night time. 

The final presentations will be on view in the KABK Gallery on Friday 2 February.



2 februari 2018 18.00 - 20:00


KABK Gallery