Actie! : ArtScience Preview show 2021

On May 27-28th 2021, the graduating students of the ArtScience Interfaculty will present: 'Actie!' - a two-day collective exhibition activating time-space(s) at the Grey Space in the Middle


The exhibition consists of performances and installation art, live acts and audiovisual media art in which the visitor moves from space to space in a journey of unexpected and energizing experiences. During the exhibition, students invite the audience to put aside the role of the passive spectator and step into the action, through a collection of stimulating devices, constructions, experiences and narratives. With this selection of artworks, they take visitors into the world of ArtScience.

The collective show will consist of interdisciplinary works exploring different mediums such as:
Sound / Touch / Light / Motion / Installations / Performances / Music / Literature.

A live stream will be available via this Facebook event.

ArtScience Preview expo 2021 - Actie!

Participating artists coming together to propose an experimental approach to artistic presentation:

Niels de Bakker
Farah Rahman
Nika Schmitt
Minji Kim
Carl Rethmann
Micky Faas
Anni Nöps
Þórir Freyr
Muireann Nic an Bheatha
Piet Verkleij
Cemre Kara
Hugo van der Sluijs
Flora van Dullemen
Kristján Steinn Kristjánsson

About ArtScience

In ArtScience we share an interest in the joyful confusion and the blurring between different disciplines. Situated as an interfaculty joining the Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatoire, the program considers art and science as a continuum and fosters curiosity-driven research as an approach to the making of art.



27 mei 2021 10.00 - 28 mei 2021 20.00


Grey Space & Online - exact times to be confirmed

Meer info (RSVP and exact times to be confirmed)

Livestream via this Facebook event