Step 2
Entrance Exam

  • After filling out the online application form, you will receive an email concerning the admission procedure. Follow the instructions in the email closely. The email outlines the various steps you need to take and provides important information about the entrance exam. All candidates who wish to be admitted to the academy have to take the entrance exam.
  • In all cases, you will be asked to bring your portfolio with you and to explain your motivation for wanting to study at the KABK. Some departments will ask you to complete a homework assignment beforehand and bring it with you to the entrance exam. Working at the academy for a day may also be part of the exam.
  • International students who are unable to come to the academy for the entrance exam will be asked to send their portfolio by mail (or WeTransfer, Dropbox) and will be interviewed on Skype about their motivation for joining the study programme and their knowledge of the English language. Please note: For some departments, attendance at the academy for the entrance exam is compulsory. It is therefore important that you carefully read the email sent to you after you have registered via Studelink.
  • Each study programme has a different admission procedure. If you would like more detailed information about the entrance exam, please check the admission page of your specific department or contact the coordinator of the department.



The entrance exam in short:

  1. After you apply via Studielink you will receive an e-mail with information about the procedure.
  2. After you have read this information, you have to inform us that you want to continue with the application process.
  3. You will receive an invitation via e-mail for the entrance exam.
  4. The entrance exam will take place between January-June at the KABK or digitally.
  5. You will receive the exam results per mail.