Introductory Courses

by Juan Parra Cancino 
3 EC / max. 10 students / time 10.00-16.00 / 

In the last few years, Max/MSP has become one of the most popular tools for designing systems of control and processing of audio and/or video in real time. During the course, we will present an overview of the system, the basic principles behind the 'graphic module-paradigm' in programming, how to create simple tools for sound and video transformation, and we will look at the possibilites of the system as a data flow generator, organizer and controller. 
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MAX lessons w/Gilad
Lesson 1:

9-13: History of computers as creative aid tools 
Multimedia applications
Audio languages / applications
differences between self contained/single aimed tools (reason?) and multipurpose tools (max, csound, etc,etc,etc)

MAX: Features as both processor and generator,
History of he application.
Basics of the syntax

13:30-16 : hands on on basic operations: MAX as Controller Data Generator.
Number boxes, scalers, line objects, arithmetic operators....

Lesson 2:

Review of the objects used for assigment 1.
Introduction of: tables, subpatches, Messages and other structural tools within Max

Lesson 3:
Morning: review and

Afternoon: MSP: Sine, noise, sine as a controller , phasor, filters.

Lesson 4:
Morning: review and

Afternoon: Processing of Sound. Buffer~ sound file play, rec..groove.

Lesson 5:
Morning: review and

Live Input..multiple outputs....

Lesson 6:
FFt Lesson 2
MIDI implementations: Controllers

Lesson 7:
Morning: review and
sharing the assigments.


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