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Graduation project 'Reviving the dead shopping mail' | Joanne Smith, Master Interior Architecture [INSIDE] 2014, Winner Department Award

Graduation project 'Reviving the dead shopping mail' | Joanne Smith, Master Interior Architecture [INSIDE] 2014, Winner Department Award

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Design for the real world

The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague launched INSIDE, an entirely new Master Interior Architecture since September 2011. This internationally orientated course is a meeting place where students, designers, theoreticians, architects and critics participate on broadening and deepening the content of interior architecture and contribute to solving social issues that really count.

INSIDE is a two-year, full-time, English-taught program, which targets the real world, a world that is changing. Large-scale interiors, a changing relation between private and public space, sustainability and a greater demand for social cohesion are themes that call for new forms of interior architecture.

The content of INSIDE is focused on an annual social theme and a set of problems of residents or users of interior architecture. Sustainable, humane solutions for problems are developed and presented through research, conceptualisation and spatial design.

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Head of the Master Program: Hans Venhuizen
Programme Coordinator: Marja van der Burgh



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