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James Edmondson, Master TypeMedia 2014, Nominee Department Award

Image: Graduation project 'Covik' | James Edmondson, Master TypeMedia 2014, Nominee Department Award

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In September 2002 the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague started its post-graduate course in Type and Media, formerly the course in Type Design and Typography. It is a full-time one year course that gives participants the possibility of delving deeper in type design for different media: not only type for print, but also for film, television, video and interactive media.

Although we live in an increasingly pictorial culture, type design and typography have lost none of their value. 

At Type and Media, students work intensively in small groups of no more than twelve persons. They work under the guidance of expert and enthusiastic teachers from the permanent and visiting faculty. Although the student’s personal motivation is given primary place, collaboration with other students is of fundamental importance.

The many aspects of type design in relation to typography for different media are covered in various assignments. Assignments are both practical and theoretical and in some cases in co-operation with the media industry. Discussions with a number of leading graphic designers –each with a different view- provide theoretical depth. The various excursions and conferences, like the yearly conferences of ATypI – Association Typographique Internationale – and Typo Berlin, are also worth mentioning. The master course also organizes different activities in the field of type design, like the three-yearly Gerrit Noordzij Award. Students Type and Media play an important role in the activities concerning this Award. 

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