ArtScience (ma)

As part of the ArtScience Interfaculty, the Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatoire have been offering a two-year interdisciplinary master since 2002. At the ArtScience Interfaculty students and teachers are developing new forms of interdisciplinary art, and the goal of the teaching programme of the Interfaculty is to investigate and possibly shape the intersection between artistic concepts and recent developments in science and technology.

Angela de Weijer,Infinity Three - Earwitness Objects

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  Roel Heremans, Room C
Sebastian Frisch, Biophonic Garden

Every year, the programme of courses and projects is partly updated according to current themes from the area where art, media, science and technology overlap. Possible artistic responses to recent developments are formulated by experimenting with new contexts and forms in which art can play a role. This discussion is continually related to an interdisciplinary base in which the continuity between media art, music, theatre, film and visual art is considered to be self-evident. 

Participants in the master's programme of the ArtScience Interfaculty are admitted on the basis of a research proposal and depending on the research topic the student chooses two personal coaches. The three of them together then draw up a study- and research plan that will include course modules, projects and labs offered within the ArtScience Interfaculty  and which can also include other courses from the Royal Conservatoire, The Royal Academy of Art or Leiden University. This choice will be based on both the research topic and the background of the student; also the ratio between self-study and course modules will be different for each student. Complementing this individual track are a number of introductory courses that are obligatory for all ArtScience master students. There are also collective activities that are geared especially towards the mutual contribution to the research of fellow students. The progress in the individual work is being monitored in evaluations by the ArtScience teachers two times a year.

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