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Graduation project  | Debbie Young, Fine Arts 2016

Image: Graduation project | Debbie Young, Fine Arts 2016 (Winner Piket Kunstprijs, category painting 2016) 


The department of Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague aims at aligning the past of fine art with its present and its future. We embrace history and traditions and root our discourse firmly in the contemporary. At the same time we research and imagine the future of fine art as an indispensable contributor to culture, society and economy. We try to equip future artists with skills, competencies, strategies and confidence to design their future and the future of the arts.

We embed learning at the Fine Arts department in shared values. We see democracy, tolerance and respect as the fundament for understanding differences, living with differences and even loving differences. We understand otherness and antagonism as attractive, rather than as a threat.

We promote languages other than the use of words alone. We believe that languages that are not primarily verbal may have even stronger potential for reflecting, sharing and research.

Art comes in many, and often controversial forms. We cherish art as exciting, stimulating, motivating, pleasing, disturbing, illuminating, revealing or just beautiful. We value the small interventions as well as the great gestures. The quality of making stands side by side with the development of ideas and artistic strategies. Critical reflection and a relevant academic discourse are the kernel around which artistic practice revolves, but the most effective arguments in the debates around the arts are artworks themselves.

Students get the opportunity to expand their artistic and other skills, such as collaboration, communication, self-management, observing from unexpected angles, decision making, critical reflection and critical distance to yourself - skills that are of high value for the arts and many other professional careers in the future.

Our pedagogy has shifted from an emphasis on learning through individual experience towards learning through peers and staff in both individual, and collective engagement with the subject. We support students to position themselves in relation to the art world, and to better understand the art worlds’ position within society through practice, and engagement with others. Collaboration with external agencies will increasingly gain importance in our planning.

At the Fine Arts department a team of highly motivated artists, art historians and theorists welcomes students from the Netherlands and from all over the world. Our primary teaching language is English.

Making art can be an isolating process. As a Fine Arts department we provide the community and the critical context that breaks this isolation. Through this community, we sustain a meaningful relationship to life and to higher art education that is at once pragmatic and idealistic. It is this collective ethos that strengthens our commitment to maintaining the high-energy of creative ambition and engagement that continues to attract students and staff to work with us.


  • The department of Fine Arts accepts approximately 60 new students every year (part-time and full-time mode).  
  • A group of approximately 30 nationally and internationally renowned artists support students in their learning. 
  • We offer dedicated studio spaces 
  • We make use of a range of bookable spaces and we give access to a wide range of professionally equipped workshops with highly skilled technicians.  
  • We are located on one campus right in the centre of The Hague. 
  • Studying at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague gives access to a wide range of courses provided by Leiden University. 

Degree and trajectories

The programme normally stretches over four years and culminates in the award of the degree of a Bachelor of Arts. The degree enables to continue studying on a master route and could eventually lead to a PhD route. A typical master option would be the Master of Artistic Research as being provided by the KABK. Additional options, like a master in drawing or a generic Master of Fine Art (MFA) are under development.

From 2017/18 onwards students will also have the opportunity to enrol on a path leading to a double degree from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague and from Leiden University. Also for this degree students will learn with their peers in the Fine Arts department and will be supported by the team of dedicated artists. In addition, students will -as a special group- follow the 'Arts, Media and Society' programme, offered by Leiden University after the propaedeutic year at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague.

The University of the Arts The Hague is one of the few art schools in the Netherlands that can offer a PhD route. Please see the section on PhDArts and please visit for further information.

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