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Fine Arts (full-time and part-time)

Graduation project  | Maarten Peerdeman, Fine Arts 2010

Image: Graduation project | Maarten Peerdeman, Fine Arts 2010

General Information

The programme of Fine Arts educates students to become visual artists who are able to develop their artistry independently in an international context. You will learn to deal with every aspect of artistry within the stimulating climate of the KABK.

Developing professional conduct, control of work process and theoretical knowledge are key elements in this process. Self-reflection and awareness of the meaning of your own art work in context of the artistic and social world are vital conditions for the study in general and the personal development in particular.

Propaedeutic and an advanced course

The programme of Fine Arts is divided into a propaedutic course and an advanced course. The propaedutic year includes an intensive and extensive orientation on all four tracks of the advanced course-the sections Painting, Free Graphics, Interdisciplinary Attitudes and 3D. These sections offer a climate in which students are urged to meet the boundaries of the disciplines and to exceed them.


Besides the lectures given in studios, there is also focus on an intensive exhibiting programme. Inside and outside of the Academy all aspects concerning exhibiting art will be discussed. This happens in association with the student's own development. The historic development into the contemporary sociocultural situation is also discussed in lectures. Seeing that the Fine Arts are no longer bound to traditional techniques, new media play an important role in the Academy's education.

Full-time and part-time programme

Students can participate in the programme of Fine Arts full-time as well as part-time. Fine Art is both offered as a four year fulltime and part-time study.

Part-time course

In addition to students who prefer to combine a paid job with an education, the part-time course is aimed at people who often, after following previous studies, respond to the desire to develop their talents in the fine arts through a proper study. We expect a lot of ambition and commitment of the students to eventually emerge as a professional artist.

In practice, a part-time job can be combined with a part-time study. You should consider that the part-time study approximately will cost you 30 hours per week including the lessons. At this moment the lessons are given in the evening. There is also an interesting excursion program that fits the curriculum and the timelines of the international contemporary world of art. Part-time students may also use all the facilities that the academy provides during the daytime. Students who are admitted to the exam year will be provided with a studio space within the academy.

Would you like to know more?

If you are interested in such a study you have to apply via Studielink. After you have registered you will receive an email in which the admission procedure will be explained.

Head Fine Arts: Klaus Jung
Coordinator Fine Arts full-time: Martijn Verhoeven
Coordinators Fine Arts part-time: Willem Goedegebuure | Onno Schilstra
Head of part-time study programme: Ernst Bergmans

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