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Grigoris Rizakis, Master Artistic Research 2015

Image: Graduation project 'A discourse on the method' | Grigoris Rizakis, Master Artistic Research 2015

Students entering the Master Artistic Research will already have an artistic practice, and the purpose of this degree is both to open this up to new considerations, and to help students develop a heightened ability to question and reflect on their work and methods, creating artists with an increased capacity to take their practice forward autonomously after they graduate. This two-way process of dissembling and assembling places each student’s personal creative trajectory, and the production that defines this, at the centre of their study.  

What constitutes artistic research or an artwork can be fluid, and so we consider the many aspects of the course as an integrated field, where research, production, and critical analysis are approached as interrelated activities, and theory is approached through the lens of practice.

Students meet regularly with their core teaching team, and additional teaching clusters around Research Days, delivered as a mix of lectures, seminars, workshops, site and studio visits, and taught by both the core team and an international group of visiting artists, theorists, poets, and curators. Research Days focus on the methodologies of artistic practice, in relation to topics central to the work of each year group.  

The written element of the program is primarily the Artist’s Position Statement, developed initially in the first year, then re-visited and expanded in year 2. There are also shorter experimental writing projects, and a publishing project.  

We have a close working relationship with the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, fostering the students’ involvement in a wider artistic research community and introducing Master students to discourse at PhD level. This relationship allows students access to electives courses at Leiden University and the Conservatoire.  

We are an outward looking department and in addition to study trips to local exhibitions and events, we go on longer excursions each semester, collaborate with other master programmes in the Netherlands and internationally, and work with art organisations in The Hague and beyond. Student exhibitions happen at least twice per year.  

Each student has an individual work space in the MAR studios, where much of the core teaching also takes place. Emphasis is placed on the studios as both a stable community environment, a place to foster a strong peer-group, and a secure space for artistic experimentation. Students also have access to the extensive workshop facilities of the Royal Academy and the practice rooms, electronics workshop, and library of the Royal Conservatory.

The program is taught in English.


Coordinator: Josje Hattink

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