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Admissions procedure

Graduation project 'Collide Sound System' |  Awinash Panchu, Interactive/Media/Design 2016

Image: Graduation project 'Collide Sound System' | Awinash Panchu, Interactive/Media/Design 2016

Interested in studying Interactive/Media/Design at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague?
You can start your application via Studielink.

After you have applied, you will receive an email with information about the next steps in the admission procedure.

Candidates are notified about the documents they must submit before the admissions interview. 

After these documents have been examined, candidates are invited to the admissions day, during which they will be asked to work on a task specifically designed to test particular qualifications. They will also be interviewed by a panel consisting of a coordinator, several teachers and, in some cases, students.

Both the panel and the candidate may pose a wide range of questions during the interview The admissions day is intended to determine whether individual candidates are suited to the department and whether the department is suited to the candidate. It is in no way an examination.

Application requirements

As part of the application you will be asked to upload the following documents:

  • a letter of motivation 
    • Forms of interactivity, media and design you are interested in 
    • What you want to achieve in your studies 
    • What you want to contribute to the learning environment 
    • The new niche you want to create in the design practice of creative industries 
    • Specific interests in genres, styles, other disciplines and technology 
    • General interest in culture, society, communication, technology at large

  • CV 
    • Techniques mastered (e.g. drawing, film, music, carpenting, sculpting) 
    • Software mastered (basic knowledge of the Adobe Design package is a big plus. Some experience of After Effects, coding, 3D software is helpful.) 
    • Previous education

  • a portfolio 
    • It should inlcude earlier works, performances, interactive media or design projects or other contributions to the field of communication illustrated with photos, drawings, reviews, etc. (max 100mb) General note: we recommend to make a selection of maximum three relevant projects. The best project should always be the first project to be shown

  • an assignment: 'Design an object which triggers interaction'
    • Your design may be in the broadest sense of the assignment. YOUR interpretation of the assignment is key, so please do not ask what we exactly mean or expect from the assignment. 
    • The result should either be the object (final or prototype) or a very clear presented design. 
    • If you are invited to come over for an interview you will present the final result again to the committee. 
    • The result of the assignment should be presented in either a pdf document, video or online presentation. (max 20mb)

  • copies of your diplomas, passport and photograph

Application deadlines

Although the application deadlines have passed, interested EU applicants can still contact the I/M/D coordinator Dave Willé via
The application deadline for non-EU students who require a VISA was May 1st. 

For questions regarding the admission procedure please contact the student administration at: If you have specific questions regarding to the content of the department or your portfolio, work or assignments, please contact the coordinator of I/M/D Dave Willé:

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