Academy-wide pilot for renewal of education Royal Academy of Art

A working group consisting of the heads of the departments and lecturers chaired by Janneke Wesseling, has developed a plan, at request of the board, to arrive at a stimulus for renewal of education at the KABK. The aim is to develop a form of education where practical and theoretical education are integrated. The goal is to discover and develop the students’ individual artistic identity, in close cooperation with students themselves.

The first step in this renewal of education will be an academy-wide pilot for second year students, taking place in the first semester of 2012. This pilot aims for the development of thematic, project and research based education in working groups. In this period every department organizes a project around a certain theme, which will be prepared and tutored by (at least) two lecturers: a theoretic and a practical lecturer. In this experiment, the focus on the transfer of knowledge in theory classes or the acquiring of ‘skills’ in practical classes is secondary to creating an inspiring and intellectual climate. The self-activity of the students plays a central role. The participating students will be guided in an integrated process of thinking, research and making by the pairs of lecturers.

Some examples: the project ‘Imitation/Inspiration’ by the photography department, on the development of an individual visual language and visual strategy, by means of interpretation of images of other photographers. The fine arts department (full-time and part-time) organizes three projects: ‘Transfer’, on the issues of exhibiting and speaking about work; ‘The evolving museum’, on the contemporary practice of exhibiting in relation to the own work; and ‘Performance’, in practice and theory.