Information for international students

International Students     
1.    Regular students
2.    Exchange students
3.    Free mover/visiting students

Regular international students

An international student  is someone with a non-Dutch nationality.  You can be from within the Netherlands, the EU/EEA countries or outside the EU/EEA. All international students should have a good level of English.

A regular international student can apply for any one of the following programmes:
-     bachelor’s study (four years taught in English and/or Dutch)
-    master’s study (one and two years taught in English)
-    postgraduate Industrial Design (three years and only in Dutch)
-    PhDArts (in cooperation with University of Leiden)

All regular international students follow the regular application and admission procedures. Details of the application, language proficiency, tuition fee and admission procedure can be found at the application page.

Exchange students
An exchange student is someone who is studying at one of the partner institutions of  The Royal Academy of Art The Hague. The partner institution can be an Erasmus partner or a non-EU/EEA partner. Students on an exchange programme usually come for a semester or one year. They do not graduate from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague.
Exchange students should also have a good level of English and they do not have to pay tuition fee.

For information of application and admission for ERASMUS students and OVERSEAS Art Education exchange students please check admission.  

Free mover/visiting students
International students who are interested in studying at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague but are not from any one of our partner institutes are considered 'free movers'. All students under this category will have to pay tuition fee. The tuition fee is based on the institutional fee.
A special application form has to be completed. Students require to send their portfolio, motivation letter and cv. There will be a selection of the best applicants by the Departments.

1 May is deadline for the Winter term which starts in September and ends in December
1 October  is deadline for the Spring term which starts in January/February and ends in June