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Credit Points (ECTS points) are assigned two times a year, at the end of each semester and before the presentations. Each credit point represents 28 hours of ‘study load’. Students should earn a total of 60 credit points per year. Part of the courses are obligatory, other courses can be chosen regarding certain rules and besides that there are a number of credit points for elective courses or alternative study related activities (this is called the individual study trajectory (IST) or portfolio).

Credit Points Overview 2015-2016

Year 1

Ars Electronica 1
Theory Course 3
1 Workshop Style Course (3 ECTS) or 2 Exchange Courses (KC) (2 ECTS each) or a combination for at least 3 ECTS 3
Research Project 8
Lab 8
Master Meetings 4
Review Paper 3
Electives / IST 6
Individual Research Project (end of 1st semester) 12
Individual Research Project (end of 2nd semester) 12
Total 60

Year 2

Lab 8
Master Meetings 4
Preview Expo (Professional Preparation)  2
Electives / IST 8
Thesis 8
Individual Research Project (end of 1st semester) 15
Final Exam (end of 2nd semester) 15
Total 60

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Last updated: 2016-09-08

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