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Credit points overview

Credit Points (ECTS points) are assigned two times a year, at the end of each semester and before the presentations. Each credit point represents 28 hours of ‘study load’. Students should earn a total of 60 credit points per year. Part of the courses are obligatory, other courses can be chosen regarding certain rules and besides that there are a number of credit points for elective courses or alternative study related activities (this is called the individual study trajectory (IST) or portfolio).

Credit points for participation in courses, Media Technology courses, KABK and KC courses are assigned on the basis of the evaluations given by the teachers of those courses.

The credit points for the individual study trajectory are assigned on the basis of written reports or other forms of project documentation. The student is expected to check beforehand with his/her coach whether the activity is applicable for IST. Afterwards, the IST report is evaluated by the coach and the head of department.

* The ‘ArtScience Courses of Choice’ in the curriculum can be chosen from all the courses offered by the department (or in collaboration with KC/KABK) that are mentioned in the Course Descriptions (including those in the Exchange Weeks with Sonology and Composition). The student is required to follow enough courses to obtain the amount of ECTS as mentioned in the Curriculum of his/her year of study. Eventually, other courses within KC/KABK and MediaTechnology (Leiden University) can alternatively be taken, but only after prior approval by coach or head of department.

Credit points overview Master ArtScience 2016/2017

ArtScience M1 Curriculum
ArtScience M2 Curriculum

ArtScience M1 Curriculum ECTS:
Ars Electronica 1
Introduction to ArtScience 1
Writing 4
What Is Science? 4
ArtScience Courses of Choice* 10
M!/M2 Meetings (Semester 1+2) 4
Manic Mondays 4
Semester 1 Presentation 8
Half-Way Presentation (Semester 2) 2
Semester 2 Presentation 15
Total 60

ArtScience M2 Curriculum ECTS:
ArtScience Courses of Choice* 8
M1/M2 Meetings (Semester 1+2) 4
Manic Mondays 4
IST 12
Thesis 7
Semester 1 Presentation 8
Half-Way Presentation (Preview Exam) 2
Semester 2 Presentation (Final Exam) 15
Total 60

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