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European Credits (EC)  are assigned two times a year, at the end of each semester before the presentations. Each credit point represents 28 hours of study and students should earn a total of 60 credit points per year. 

Credit points for participation in courses, labs, research projects, KABK introductory courses, MediaTechnology courses and other KABK and KC courses are assigned on the basis of the evaluations given by the teachers of those courses. The credit points for the individual study trajectory are assigned on the basis of written reports or other forms of project documentation. The student is expected to compile a portfolio containing the documentation of individual projects and documentation of the activities in research projects, labs and other courses. The points for extracurricular activities are assigned during the evaluation of the portfolio at the end of May. Successful presentations of individual work earn eight credit points. Failed presentations must be repeated one or two months later, or at the end of the following semester. 

In order to pass the propaedeutic exam the student should have enough points and should have passed both presentations, all of the first year courses and the Introduction to Electronics. Students who fail to pass their propaedeutic examination within two years are not allowed to continue their studies. 

In the first year, students are required to be a member of two labs and to take part in two research projects. In the second and third year, students should take part in at least three labs or research projects. In the fourth year, students should take part in at least two labs or research projects, while the student should be member of at least one lab. It is always possible to be a member of more labs as part of the individual study trajectory.

For detailed information please check the interfaculty website

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