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Game Design

by Wim van Eck & Amalia Kallergi
3 EC / max. 10 students / Wednesdays 10.00-16.00 /

The introductory course Game Design aims to combine 3D environments and interaction (by means of programming)  with a focus on gaming. For this, we will be using the free program Unity 3d, a multiplatform game development tool  (see for more information). Although the course will not cover all the issues relevant to professional game development (such as storytelling, writing game scenario's, character design etc), it will be a creative eye-opener to the emerging technologies of interaction design in 3D and the applications of these technologies in the field of art.

This course is open to all student, but also an interesting follow-up for those who followed the introductory course  ‘3D Animation’ or ‘Programming Interactions’. 


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