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FASHION SHOW 2016 collection by Sarah Lauwaert

FASHION SHOW 2016 Graduating collection 2016 by Sarah Lauwaert 

If you are interested in the Textile and Fashion Bachelor programme at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague and you want to sign up for the entrance exam, you can apply via Studielink.

After you have registered via the Studielink, you will receive an e-mail with instructions for uploading the required documents:

  • your porfolio;
  • your letter of motivation & CV

Portfolio: Your portfolio: (pictures of) your work, sketches, material experiment, etc.. We prefer to see work you did not make as a school assignment, but as an expression of your own fascination and creativity.

A letter of motivation, concerning your interests and passion for textile, fashion and art. We would like to get a clear idea of your passion and ambition for this field.

Based on your portfolio and motivation letter, the selection committee will decide within a week after the deadline if you will be invited to participate in the interview:

Important dates:

Deadlines for uploading porfolio & documents:
11 January 2017 (for the first Admission Day on Wednesday 15 February 2017) 
1 March 2017 (for the second Admission Day on Wednesday 5 April 2017)
19 April 2017 (for the third Admission Day on Wednesday 24 may 2017) 
28 May 2017 (for the fourth Admission Day on Wednesday 28 June 2017)

Take note: we will always try to schedule you for the first upcoming date after we have received all the requirements.
Non-EU students who require a VISA must have their full set of required documents handed in on April 30 at the latest.

For questions regarding the admission procedure please contact the student administration at: If you have specific questions regarding the content of the programme or your portfolio, please contact the coordinator Gerrit Uittenboogaard:

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