Admissions procedure

If you are interested in studying here and you want to sign up for the admission examination, please click here.

You will receive an email with detailed information about the procedure. Globaly it looks likes this:

Candidates may receive an invitation for the admissions day and should bring the following with them:

  • portfolio;
  • their own work;
  • sketch books;
  • collections;
  • objects or images that are related to their own fascinations.

During the admissions day, candidates will be given an short introduction to the programme and they will then take part in:

  • a practical test (morning);
  • a drawing test (afternoon);
  • an interview based in part on the candidate’s portfolio and own work.


Specific admission requirements

During the admissions day, the candidate will be tested in a variety of ways on a number of aspects.

The drawing test provides information about:

  • ability to observe;
  • dexterity;
  • drawing skills;
  • visual skills;
  • insight;
  • perseverance;
  • personal approach;
  • personal signature.

The discussion about the portfolio provides:

  • insight into personal interests;
  • information about the world in which the candidate lives;
  • information about the candidate’s dexterity and/or sensitivity to materials;
  • information about the candidate’s ability to organize and take the initiative.

The emphasis here is on the student’s own work (sketchbooks, notes, collections) that have not been made in connection with an assignment or with school. The candidates answer’s during the interview illustrate:

  • personal interests;
  • ability to reason;
  • general knowledge;
  • knowledge of art, history, culture, textiles, fashion, architecture, etc.;
  • motivation;
  • ambition;
  • personal goals.