Information for KABK students

The KABK strives after an international learning environment for its students. On the one hand by creating an international atmosphere in the building and on the other hand by stimulating temporary foreign courses in the form of:

  • Study
  • Internship
  • Post-graduate programs

Getting in touch with a different cultural environment and different teaching methods is a valuable spin-off of a temporary foreign course. Moreover you will learn to function within an international context which will be profitable for your future career.

By means of several mobility programs of e.g. the European union or the Dutch government quite a few grants are available for students who want to study abroad for some time, or follow an internship, or do research. In most cases staying abroad takes places in the third year of the study. The length of the stay varies form 3 month till one academic year.

Study abroad

A thorough plan of study forms the basis for applying for a place of study abroad. Students can get advice and information about the foreign academies from the International Office and the teachers or head of department. In the end the head of department decides if permission is given for the study-period abroad.

If your temporary study abroad is in Europe you may apply for the Lifelong Learning Erasmus grant. 

Please check the partner list.


Study abroad with Erasmus

Download the ERASMUS procedure you will have to follow.


Documents you need:

-      Erasmus LLP scholarship 

-      Grant Agreement

-      Learning agreement part 1 (& 2)

-      Learning Agreement part 3 - Confirmation of Attendance



Deadline for application please check the host university website.

You can also study abroad at one of our partners outside Europe.


Please check the partner list.

Deadlines to hand in application at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) International Office is 1st May (First semester) and 1st October (2nd Semester)

We select students based on their motivation letter and grades. The head of the department can advise us in our decision. 

Internship abroad

Internships may take place both in Europe and outside Europe. For information on the internship firms you should contact your own teachers. At the student-administration you will find brochures on internship (in Dutch and English). The KABK has some grants available for foreign internships, also through the Lifelong Learning Erasmus program.


Internship abroad with Erasmus

Download the  ERASMUS procedure you will have to follow.


Forms you will need:

-     Erasmus LLP scholarship for internship

-     Grant Agreement

-     Learning agreement part 1 (& 2)

-     Learning Agreement part 3 - Transcript of work


We select students based on their motivation letter and grades. The head of the department can advise us in our decision. 

Download here the EUC-Charter



KABK is a member of the international network of  distinguished art academies ‘Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media’. Because of this membership it is sometimes possible to study for a short period at one of the member institutions. In this way the possibilities for a study abroad have increased considerably. The list of affiliate art academies you will find at