Preparatory courses

The Royal Academy of Art offers prospective students the following opportunities in preparation of a Bachelor’s programme at the academy: 

  • School for Young Talent (vmbo-tl, havo, vwo)
  • Preparatory year (one-year, full-time programme, post-secondary education)
  • Orientation Course (Saturday course)
  • Combined Education (classes for secondary school students in the art plan programme or the School for Young Talent)
  • Kids Club (9-12 year olds, grades 7 and 8 of primary education)

Additionally, the KABK collaborates with several secondary schools, which gives students attending these schools the possibility to participate in art class programmes at the academy. The KABK is able to provide art classes in upper secondary education (as part of the KUBV course) and meets the examination requirements set for this course. The partners are:

  • Segbroekcollege The Hague
  • Bonaventura College Leiden
  • Rijnlands Lyceum Wassenaar
  • Zandvlietcollege The Hague

At present, a pilot is in progress with new schools in the regions Alphen aan de Rijn en Zoetermeer, to enlarge the offer of art class programmes and their coverage in the area of ​​The Hague.

General information Preparatory Courses

The KABK offers a wide range of Preparatory Courses. All courses are aimed at introducing people to art education and to offer them a programme that matches their own needs and level. Our keywords are selection and orientation. The KABK wants to provide talented people with the opportunity to further develop, so that they can eventually enrol in an undergraduate art or design programme. The Preparatory Courses can also give participants the opportunity to investigate whether studying at the academy and the prospect of a career as an artist or designer is a possibility. Participants are able to switch between the different courses, which facilitates the finding of a suitable trajectory. Several internships are available for those studying to become an art teacher at a secondary education institution.

To participate in one of the Preparatory Courses it is necessary to follow a selection procedure. During this selection the candidate should bring as much (different) work as possible. To make an appointment please contact the Student Administration.

 Additional information

Main coordinator Preparatory Courses

Zanne Zwart

Coordinator Preparatory year

Nieke Koek

Office hours admission: by appointment.

Office hours for students and parents: by appointment.