Electives KABK and Leiden University

For several years now the Academy has offered electives internally, in the form of Studium Generale and the Practicum Generale. The Practicum Generale consists of electives, workshops and introductory courses.

Please, find the most up to date information on electives on the portal for all academy-wide education via

Introductory Courses 2012-2013

Introductory Courses are offered four times a year and consist of a broad variety of courses introducing students to several techniques and skills. Courses are open to all students of the Royal Academy of Art who can join courses as part of their Individual Study Trajectory (IST).
Lessons run for seven weeks each period. Generally, courses take place on Wednesdays between 10:00 and 16:00 hrs, unless stated otherwise.
Courses taught during the daytime have been appointed a maximum of 3 EC, evening courses up to 2 EC.

Please note that not all courses will be offered each block. Check the Schedule 2012-2013 to see which courses will be offered in which periods!

Please, register before 5 April

During the fourth and final block of 2012 - 2013 the following courses will be offered

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We expect to offer the introductory courses mentioned below in 2012-2013:

Please, note that not all courses will be offered for each block.

Electives at Leiden University

Students of the Royal Academy of Arts, the Royal Conservatoire and of  Leiden University, can mutually take electives and minors  via the Academy of Creative and Performing  Arts. Up to date information can be found in the online course catalogue of Leiden University:

Academy and Conservatoire students must have finished their propaedeutics.

Attention: A student who wishes to take an elective in another intstitute should have approvoval of its  examcommittee and of the receiving institute.

More information on electives at Royal Academy of Arts contact
More information on electives at Royal Conservatoire contact
More information on electives at Leiden University contact the Student Affairs Desk  +31 (0)71 527 8011

Registration and Admission for electives in Leiden

a. Electives at the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts
The Academy of Creative and Performing Arts has developed several electives especially for students from Leiden and the Hague that are taught in Leiden, such as Capita selecta old music, History and theory of picture art, Music theory, History of western music, World music, Music philosophy and others. You can apply for these electives at the secratiate in Leiden. Website:

b. Electives at other faculties in Leiden
Students from the Royal Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Arts are allowed to take electives at Leiden University. An overview of electives in Leiden focused on art, music, dance and management can be found on their website:

In order to take part in one of these electives you must have finished your propaedeutics. Students from the RC taking part in the preparational year and KABK students taking part in the orientation year are not allowed to take electives in Leiden. 

Application for electives (a+b) is as follows:

  1. You register at the public administration (onderwijssecretariaat) of the faculty where your elective is taught.
  2. You apply for a guest student card (gastcollegekaart) at Information Centre Plexus, Kaiserstraat 25 Leiden, phone: 071-5278011, e-mail:

In order to register for an elective in Leiden you need to have:

  1. a registration form (available at the secretatiate of the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts);
  2. written permission from your own department of the KABK or the RC (available through your course coordinator), stating you are allowed to take this elective and a similar statement from the department of Leiden University where you wish to take part in this elective, stating the department does not object to you studying there;
  3. a proof of paid tuition from the KABK or RC, which can be obtained at the Student Administration Office.

When all conditions have been met, you may send the forms and statements to the Student Administration Office of Leiden University, Postbus 9500, 2300 RA Leiden; visiting address is: Information Centre Plexus, Kaiserstraat 25, Leiden, phone: 071-527 80 11.

You will then receive your student card. With the guest student card you can make use of all the university's facilities, like the University Library and Blackboard, the university's digital learning environment.

Electives at the Academy of Arts

Students from Leiden wishing to take electives at the Academy of Arts should always register with the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts' coordinator at the Academy of Arts, e-mail:

For the electives you will need some experience. You will have to complete an entry assignment which will determine whether or not you are admitted.  After officially registering with an application form and a declaration of no objection you will be able to obtain a facility card should you want one.

Electives at the Royal Conservatoire

Students from Leiden wishing to take part in a practical as well as a theoretical elective at the Royal Conservatoire, should always register with the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts' coordinator at the Royal Conservatoire, e-mail:

Students should also officially register as a guest student at the Conservatoire. No extra costs are attached to neither the practical nor the theoretical electives. In accordance with the head of the department the manner in which a student can join the theoretical electives will be discussed.

Practicum Musicae (individual instrumental/vocal elective)

Your level in music must be comparable to the starter level of the preparatory training of the Royal Conservatoire. You must also have the ability to develop during your first year of Practicum Musicae (PM1) in such a way that by the end of the elective year your level is similar to the starter level of a main discipline of the Royal Conservatoire. Before your are admitted to PM1, you must do an audition which will test the previously discussed items. A small committe of teacher will determine whether or not you are admitted to the elective.