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Electives at Leiden University

Students of the KABK can take electives at Leiden University.

Up to date information can be found in the online course catalogue of Leiden University:

Academy students must have finished their propaedeutics.

A student who wishes to take an elective in another intstitute should have approvoval of its  examcommittee and of the receiving institute.

For more information on electives at Leiden University please contact Rogier Schneemann, Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, Leiden University:, 071-527 2999.

Registration and Admission for electives in Leiden

a. Electives at the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts

The Academy has created several electives especially for students from The Academy of Art, The Hague and Leiden University. Examples are Capita Selecta old music, Music Theory, History of the Western music, World music, What is music? For more information see their website

b. Electives at other faculties of Leiden University

For more information see

To register, for both a en b, please send an email to Rogier Schneemann,

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