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Use of the Building

Students and teachers are encouraged to make lively use of the academy building, but are expected to treat it with respect so it is there for the next generation of students to enjoy. After exhibitions we expect the academy to be left in the same condition it was found in. Walls should remain white, and temporary changes should remain temporary.

The academy operates on the two opposing principles that damage should be avoided at all costs, but that everything should be possible. The balance between the two can be found by communicating projects on time with course coordinators who may need to discuss the idea with the Facilitary Service.

Use of Work Spaces

Almost all Graphic Design, Fashion and Textile and Interior Design students work in their classrooms. (Fulltime) Fine Art students have an individual workspace in their later years at the academy which is assigned to them by their coordinator. Coordinators and students negotiate the care of the workspace between them. This includes a down payment, which the student will get back at the end of the year if no damage has been done to the workspace in question. The most important rules concerning workspaces are:

  • Students are responsible for cleaning their own workspace.
  • Coffee pots, kettles etc are prohibited. They can be a fire hazard, as they may overload the circuits.
  • If students smoke in their workspace, they will lose this space.
  • The KABK is not responsible for stolen or damaged property or work.

Use of Storage Space

Classrooms are equipped with storage facilities such as drawers and cupboards, and more and more classrooms house rows of lockers. Some classrooms have special storage units for sculptures and paintings. There are more storage units in the basement of the academy for certain groups of students. Students who would like to make use of the units can contact the Facilitary Manager who can tell them if and where storage is possible.

General rules for using storage units:

  • Work must be taken home after collective assessments
  • At the end of each academic year, all work must be taken so that the academy can start the new year with sufficient storage space
  • The KABK has the right to remove work from the building a week after the last assessments should there not be a valid reason for it being there (students can contact Facilitary Services for the latter)
  • The KABK is not responsible for theft, damage or loss of possessions/work in storage units
  • Keys to the locked storage units in the basement can be found at the reception.


Well-presented work is an essential part of an artist’s or designer’s career, whether it is an exhibition or a presentation. The KABK encourages students to present their work effectively. Students learn the difference between the two as they continue their course. 

Assessement presentations

Individual and Collective Assessments are a mandatory part of the course curriculum and the presentation is considered very important. The collective assessments involve widespread use of classrooms and halls throughout the academy and are coordinated by head teachers or department coordinators. You should always book a space in advance through:

Exhibition Spaces

There are lots of ways and places to exhibit or present work within the academy. The KABK gallery consists of three interconnected spaces and is meant for internal and external use. The old staffroom is often used by Fine Art students. They organize exhibitions every week. There are many more possibilities in the Bleijenburg building and even outside. Should students want to exhibit in a space they have not been assigned to, they can make reservations through the Bookings Office. Classrooms that are not being used for classes can also be reserved. Students should be aware of the fact that most bookings are made far in advance, so decide and reserve on time! This should be discussed with head teachers or coordinators prior to booking. Reservations should be made at least three days in advance, and can only be called official once the student has received a confirmation. Students are not allowed to use spaces without booking, and teachers, in most cases, cannot authorize the use of a room without a booking.

Rules for exhibiting/presenting 

  • A presentation or exhibition can only take place if a plan of action has been made which states where, when and how long the show will be on and which facilities are required. The plan must be approved by the head teacher or coordinator and must be coordinated with a production assistant.
  • After approval, the Facilitary Service will tell you what is allowed within the space with reference to environment, equipment etc.
  • Exhibitions in the main halls of both Prinsessegracht and Bleijenburg and the gallery can only be planned in collaboration with the Production Assistant and with permission from the head of the school.
  • In some cases the KABK will ask for a down payment for the use of space, equipment, etc.
  • Every presentation must have the student’s name(s), class and department clearly stated.
  • The space used must be left in the same state in which it was found.
  • Students are responsible for cleaning/tidying/restoring the space to its former state.
  • The KABK can not be held responsible for missing or damaged work.
  • Damage or costs bound to presentations that have not been cleaned up will be charged to the student concerned.


The auditorium can be found in Bleijenburg. It has extensive audiovisual facilities and is used for lectures and presentations. Reservations for use of the auditorium should be made well in advance, as it is often used by both internal and external parties. 

Rules and regulations for the Final Exam Exhibition 

Final exam candidates present their final work or part of it at this exhibition. Its date can be found in the calendar. The exhibition is normally held in the academy, but occasional exceptions are made.

  • The KABK can require a down payment or rent to participate in the exhibition, and a further fee for the use of space, facilities and equipment. Students are charged for used materials.
  • Ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the exhibition lies with the school.
  • A failed candidate will be asked to remove his or her display from the exhibition.
  • Candidates are responsible for setting up and taking down their own part of the exhibition. They are supervised by the departments' teachers.
  • Should a candidate not participate in the latter, they will be charged the costs of having it done.
  • Damage to the building or it’s contents will be charged to the person who caused it.
  • The KABK is not responsible for theft, damage or loss of work or property belonging to exhibiting students.
  • The selling of work should be done under supervision of teachers, and the academy reserves the right to determine a maximum price.
  • A student can only participate in the exhibition once.
  • A student's work can be documented in the exhibition’s catalog only once.

Timetables and bookings

In order to view timetables or to book rooms, please visit the Student Portal. For questions concerning schedules, please contact:

Use of classrooms by teachers and students

Teachers and students are required to keep to the classrooms assigned to them by their schedule. Changes to the schedule can be temporary or permanent, and are communicated to head teachers when they occur. As the timetables are very complex, unscheduled changes of classroom can cause problems. Students and teachers are therefore prohibited from changing classroom without consulting the Bookings Office. It is also prohibited to remove furniture from classrooms. After lessons, classrooms should be left in a tidy condition and all lights turned off and windows closed to preserve energy. 

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