Tuition fees

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Student ID-Card

You will receive a student ID-card as proof of your registration, after you have paid the tuition fee. You will need this card to get access to different kind of facilities within our Academy, like borrowing equipment or making use of the library. This student ID-card enables you to receive discounts in shops for art- and photo materials, as well as discounts at different national and international museums. Sometimes also at restaurants.

Facility Card

The Facility card is used for all payments within the Academy. The card can be upgraded with coins and banknotes or with an ATM card. It must be used in the work places and for copying, printing or calling. In the near future, the Facility Card also needs to be used as an entrance card. The card can be obtained at the Financial Administration. 

Other costs

Material costs

Practical lessons is a big part of the entire study and therefore you will be working with all kind of materials, devices and tools which you must finance yourself. In addition to these costs, there will be costs for readers, books, excursions etc. Costs can differ significantly per department and it is difficult to give an exact amount, but these cost can vary from €600,- to €1200,- per year. Your teachers or the study coordinator will be able to give you more information.

Material costs Photography

In the first year, all students need to have a SLR camera with at least a standard lens, but preferably also a wide angle and telephoto lens. At the start of the Academic year the Department can be consulted about the purchase of it. Also an extensive material list will be handed out during the programme. Our experience is that student spend about €175,- per month on material costs and small purchases. It is also recommended to purchase a ‘Museumkaart’ (museum card) with which you can enter most museums for free.

Museumkaart/Museum card

We presume that every student will purchase a 'Museumkaart' (museum card) with wich you can enter most museums for free (or with a discount). This is because we visit museums regularly and the expenditure is worthwhile. The costs per card is €54,95 for an adult and €27,50 for children. For more information check 

Contribution to final exam exposition

The demand for devices such as dvd’s, laptops and beamers is high during the final exams. These devices are valuable and vulnerable and therefore limited and not available free of charge. The Academy would like to meet the demand as much as possible with a  reduced fee for reservation and a guarantee payment upfront., Detailed information about the costs are in the final exam letter you will receive at that time. 

School fund

On voluntary basis, you can make a contribution to our School fund. This contribution will cover special costs for the benefit of our education, that cannot be paid out of the governmental financial support, and are necessary for highly qualified education. For fulltime students, the contribution to the School fund 2012– 2013 is €60,- per year and for parttime students €35,- per year. Every student will receive a participation form in the beginning of the academic year. To make use of the special School fund, you can apply with the Director secretary. Teachers can apply through the head of the department.

Money out of this fund for example is intended for:

  • costs for the introductory week;
  • costs for excursions;
  • costs for exhibitions (Academic relation);
  • costs for participating in workshops or trade fairs;
  • costs for meetings such as the Open day, school festivals, diploma awards, the graduation book;
  • costs of individual contribution to projects (with an Academic relation);
  • costs for facilities in workplaces, materials and experiments etc.

Dutch Study Grants

For 'studiefinanciering' (dutch study grants), EuropeanCredits, the 'prestatiebeurs' and study delay, please consult DUO or check

Graduation Fund

The Graduation Fund is a legal arrangement that provides a financial compensation that you can receive if you do not graduate in the predetermined period set by the 'studiefinanciering'. To receive this fund you must meet certain requirements. Ask the dean for more detailed information.


The Academy expects every student to have a liability Insurance (Wettelijke Aansprakelijkheidsverzekering). To be able to borrow material or devices from us, you should be able to proof that you are insured. A liability insurance is important when you have caused damage to property of the Academy. The Academy has a liability insurance for damage that you cause to others (if you are in the building or under supervision of school personal). Our insurance only applies when the liability is not insured elsewhere. It implies for example liability for damage to the building or facilities of others in the building, as long as the damage was not inflicted intentionally and as long as you handled according to the rules and regulations in the study guide, on the website or more specifically is described in the workplaces. The Academy is not liable for damage caused by others to your property, your work or you personal belongings, either by loss or theft. For medical costs, injury or other risks, you can insure yourself for a special student tariff. Many insurance agencies have special rates for student for reasonable costs. 

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