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Tuition fees & other costs


Read more about the institutional tuition fee on the website of the University of the Arts The Hague.

NOTE: The amounts for the institutional tuition fee are subject to a positive advice of the CMR

Application fee

Bachelor's and Master's programmes
Applicants who are invited to take an entrance examination, either at the Royal Academy of Art or via SKYPE, are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of €25.

School fund

On voluntary basis, you can make a contribution to our School fund. This contribution will cover special costs for the benefit of our education, that cannot be paid out of the governmental financial support, and are necessary for highly qualified education. For fulltime students, the contribution to the School fund is €60,- per year and for part-time students €35,- per year.
Every student receives a participation form at the beginning of the academic year. To make use of the special School fund, you can apply via the Director secretary. Teachers can apply through the head of the department.
Money out of this fund is used to cover:

  • costs for the introductory week; 
  • costs for excursions; 
  • costs for exhibitions (Academic relation); 
  • costs for participating in workshops or trade fairs; 
  • costs for meetings such as the Open day, school festivals, diploma awards, the graduation book; 
  • costs of individual contribution to projects (with an Academic relation); 
  • costs for facilities in workplaces, materials and experiments etc.

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