Student Housing

Unfortunately it is very difficult to find reasonably priced student accommodation in The Hague. Our school does not know a campus system and all foreign students are responsible for accommodation themselves. There are however a few possibilities that can help you find student housing if you are looking for a room in The Hague or Delft.


The DUWO Foundation boasts the oldest student accommodation in Holland and was founded in 1945. DuWo student housing agency provides completely furnished student rooms for foreign students who will stay for a short period in The Hague, that is a minimum of 3 months up to a maximum of 12 months. The monthly rent may vary between € 295 and € 450 per month including cost of heating, lighting etc. You have to pay a handling fee.  However, reservation implies payment obligation. More information:


In Den Haag homes for rent are advertized on the website of Woonnet Haaglanden. For more information and the rules and regulations, see and choose the heading Beleid > Wonen > Regels: Huisvestingsverordening.  

KABK’S noteboard

Next to the computer workshop in the Academy there is a noteboard that students can use to advertize for and about housing. 

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