Film and Photographic Studies (MaFPS)

Film and Photographic Studies – a specialization of the MA Media Studies – is a unique programme in The Netherlands that integrates science and art. The master is initiated by the Institute of Cultural Disciplines, the department of Art History and the Print Room of Leiden University Library and the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

A high degree of cross-disciplinary thinking is encouraged, as is witnessed by the close collaboration with the Department of Art History and other departments of Leiden University as the Print Room/Division of Special Collections of the Leiden University Library. The various courses are offered by means of lectures, meetings, seminars and excursions and through self-study based on specific texts or photographic objects, (historical) photographic sources and films and in-depth analysis of history and criticism of photography, film, and video.

Film and Photography are currently the focus of considerable interest. The Amsterdam Film museum, during more than sixty years of its existence, has built up a reputation with an appealing and daring programme. Photography museums have been established in Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam. Moreover, articles on photography regularly appear in the art pages of leading newspapers. Art museums and university libraries pay more and more attention to their own photo collections. Furthermore, the Leiden University Library houses one of our country’s oldest and most complete photo collections.
As a result of this increasing interest, there is a growing need for well-trained individuals with specialist knowledge in this field. These individuals are professionals who can approach and analyse film and photography both as independent media and in relation to other disciplines. The master specialization in Film and Photographic Studies at Leiden University is the only programme that focuses specifically on film and photography while maintaining an interdisciplinary approach as well as providing academic (intellectual) skills.

Areas of attention
The master specialization in Film and Photographic Studies aims to provide you with a broad academic and social orientation on film and photography as well as insight into research about photographic practice and history of film.

Particular areas of attention include:
• interdisciplinary methods in the academic study of film and photography;
• theories of film, photography and video;
• the significance of film and photography as a means of communication and a mass medium with specific underlying strategies;
• the interconnections among film, photography, video, visual culture and other forms of visual art;
• the forms of presentation for film and photography (exhibitions, internet, publications, reviews, etc.);
• film and photographic practice as research;
• strategies in the field of collecting, conservation and management.

As a result of the increasing interest in film and photography and the growing role played by film and photography in society, the surroundings in which film and photography can be investigated are increasing. Therefore, recent developments such as digital photography and new media are also discussed in the programme.

More information?
Higher professional education students need to go in for an entrance examination and/or attend a pre master programme (60ects). If you are admitted to Film and Photographic Studies you’ll become a Leids student and will attend your programme at the Faculty of Humanities at Leiden University. The programme is taught in English.

Please contact study coordinator dr. Berry Dongelmans for more information:
(0031) (0)71 527 21 09