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Would you like to apply for admission to one of the study programmes at the KABK? The KABK selects students on the basis of talent. Only the best and most motivated students are admitted. The different steps of the KABK's admission procedure are described below.

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Online application form

Click on this link to register for this procedure. You will then be directed to an online application form which allows you to register for the admission procedure of the programme of your choice.

All non-EU/EEA applicants requiring an entry visa should apply before 1 May.

Procedure per department

After filling in the online application form, you will receive an email concerning the admission procedure. Each study programme has a different admission procedure. Follow the instructions in the email closely. The email outlines the various steps you need to take and provides important information about the entrance exam. All candidates who wish to be admitted to the academy have to take the entrance exam.

In all cases, you will be asked to bring your portfolio with you and to explain your motivation for wanting to study at the KABK. Some departments will ask you to complete a homework assignment beforehand and bring it with you to the entrance exam. Working at the academy for a day may also be part of the exam.

International students who are unable to come to the academy for the entrance exam will be asked to send their portfolio by mail and will be interviewed on Skype about their motivation for joining the study programme and their knowledge of the English language. Please note: For some departments, attendance at the academy for the entrance exam is compulsory. It is therefore important that you carefully read the email sent to you after you have registered via the online application form.



After passing the entrance exam, you will receive a letter informing you about your admission and definitive registration. Your enrolment is only definite once you have met all the requirements described in the letter, and your tuition fees have been paid or a direct-debit mandate for this has been given.

Any questions?

If you have any questions concerning the application procedure or if you want more information about one of the KABK study programmes, you can read the frequently asked questions here. Maybe you will find the answer to your question!

If you still have any questions after reading the FAQ and would like to speak to a teacher at the academy, you can make an appointment for the general consultation by sending an email to


click here to go to the online application form! 

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