Textile & Fashion (ba)

Textiles and fashion can be regarded as a visual language reflecting the spirit of the time, coupled to materials, craft and tradition. Finding a personal balance between textiles and fashion is essential. An important guideline for the Textiles and Fashion programme at the KABK is the history of historical costumes and folklore. Developing a personal style, a way of working and a personal statement in all of the facets of the textile and fashion profession is thoroughly explored.


The Textiles and Fashion programme at the KABK has two areas in which students can specialize: Textile Design and Fashion Design. In the propaedeutic year, students acquire the basic skills, techniques, insights and knowledge that together comprise the foundation for the following years of the programme. In addition to designing, Visual development, Pattern and Fashion Design, Colour, Photography, Styling and various techniques such as weaving, knitting, painting and design are the important supporting subjects. The student’s own inspiration and assignments are the basis on which a collection is designed and created. The development of the concept consists of a thorough preliminary study, experimenting, research and adding techniques. Students of Textiles and Fashion are trained to become fashion designers, designers or textural designers. The individual accent can also be placed on, for example, views on designing, views on clothing, textural development, presentation styling or concept styling.

In 2003 the KABK began a joint programme with the Art Academy in Antwerp, a school that is recognized as one of the most important European trendsetters in fashion. The study plan is the result of professional experience and knowledge. This has resulted not only in a broad network of national and international apprenticeships but also in having internationally known craftsmen participating in the programme. In addition to Jurgi Persoons, the head of the programme, Marina Yee, a member of the former group of Belgian designers known as ‘the six from Antwerp’, teach courses in this programme.

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Head of Textile and Fashion: Jurgi Persoons 

Coordinator Textile and Fashion: Gerrit Uittenbogaard



Esther Boskaljon

Nicolaas Hein

Lotte Mostert

Charlotte Greeven

Chrissie Houtkooper

Evelien van Pruissen

Lotte Mostert

Stephany van Leeuwen

Bastiaan Visch

Christa vd Meer

Miriam de Waard

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