Study programmes

Tradition, innovation and experiment come together in the courses offered at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK). We prepare students for a professional career, offering the knowledge, skills and attitude needed.

Our students work independently and are given complex assignments, which prepare them for working individually or collectively as a fine artist or designer when they finish their course.

The Royal Academy of Art offers the following courses:

Bachelor in Fine Arts

Nathalie Mannaerts, Bachelor Fine Arts, Part Time 2014, Winner Goedman Award Fine Arts R.D.P. Schelfhout, Bachelor ArtScience Full Time 2014, Winner ArtScience Department Award

Fine Arts

full-time and part-time

ArtScience of Interfaculty ArtScience


Bachelor in Design

Olya Oleinic, Bachelor Photography Full Time 2014, Winner Photography Department Award Sophia den Breems, Bachelor Graphic Design 2014 Full Time


full-time and part-time

Graphic Design

full-time and part-time

Sam van ‘t Oever, Bachelor Interactive/Media/Design 2014, Winner Interactive Media Design Department Award Andrea Roelofse, Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design Full Time 2014, Nominee Department Award



Interior Design and Furniture Design

full-time and part-time

Fashion Show 2015: Graduation collections of the Textile and Fashion department, 2015 - Photos © Etienne Tordoir -

Textile & Fashion


All courses have their own propedeutic phase (first general year). Acquiring this propedeutic allows students to continue to the main part of their course.

Post Graduate Course

Lilian van Daal, PGC Industrial Design, Part Time, 2014

Industrial Design


Nina Stössinger Master TypeMedia Full Time 2014 Joanne Smith, Master Interior Architecture [INSIDE] 2014, Winner Master Interior Architecture Department Award

Master of Design in Type and Media


INSIDE, Master Interior Architecture

(since September 2011)

Master trajectories of Master of Music:

Angela de Weijer, Master ArtScience 2014, Winner Master ArtScience Department Award Full Time Sharelly_Emanuelson, Master Artistic Research 2014 Winner Master Artistic Research Department Award

Master trajectory ArtScience

Master trajectory Artistic Research


In cooperation with the University of Leiden:

Preparatory Education

SvJT_MarijnKunstbende kunstplanZVL

The KABK offers various possibilities for aspiring students to prepare them for an actual course at the Academy:

The Academy also cooperates with:

  • Segbroekcollege The Hague
  • Bonaventura College Leiden
  • Rijnlands Lyceum Wassenaar
  • Zandvlietcollege The Hague



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