PRIORITY LANE invites Patrick Cramer
13 April - 27 April | Entrance Graphic Design Department

Grafisch Ontwerpen Expositie

Priority Lane is an exhibition space with the general aim to investigate how the artistic approach is influenced by the urge to prioritise. A process of choosing, selecting, deleting and refining is obligatory.

The artists who are invited to use the small exhibition space -not bigger than 32 x 42 x 25 centimeters-, are restricted to prioritise in a process of choosing, selecting, deleting and refining their works, in order to make them fit. The result is both a documentation of the artistic process, which is archived on the priority-lane website, as well as the actual work displayed in the exhibition space.

Patrick Cramer chose to critically reflect on the medium of photography and the concept of the portrait. By deconstructing the portraits that he made of Paul Blanca -a Dutch photographer who is famous for his strong and often violent images-, he raises questions in relation to the borders of portrait photography and the importance of perspective lines in the medium of photography.

Patrick Cramer will be the third artist invited to use the exhibition space.

Visit the website or come and meet Patrick during the vernissage on April 13, between 6 pm – 7pm in the entrance hall of the Graphic Design Department.

Priority Lane is a project initiated by Lin Ven (3rd year student Graphic Design) together with Max Bouwhuis in 2016.

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