Gold + Silver awards in the Morisawa Type Design Competition 2016 by alumni Bart Vollebregt & Jitka Janečková!
Honorable Mention to alumnus Marc Rouault

Type and Media (ma) Competitie

Congratulations all!

We are proud to announce that the winners of the Gold and Silver awards in the Latin category of the prestigious Morisawa Type Design Competition 2016 are our Type and Media alumni 2016 Bart Vollenbregt (NL) and Jitka Janečková (CZ).

Gold Prize for t]m 2016 alumnus Bart Vollenbregt (NL) with his graduation project  "Vonk"
Silver Prize for t]m 2016 alumna Jitka Janečková (CZ) with her graduation project "Rododendron"
Honorable Mention to alumnus Marc Rouault (F) for his graduation project "TroisMille".

graduation project "Vonk" by Bart Vollebregt

Bart Vollenbregt (NL) - graduation project  "Vonk"

"Rododendron" by Jitka Janečková

Jitka Janečková (CZ) - graduation project "Rododendron"

graduation project "TroisMille by Marc Rouault (F)

Marc Rouault (F) -  graduation project "TroisMille"

The results of the competition were announced on December 8th, 2016 and were selected out of submitted projects from 49 countries and regions around the world with a total of 739 works (205 works for Kanji category and 534 works for Latin category).

image: Latin category Morisawa Awards - Gold Prize Vonk Regular / Italic by Bart Vollebregt (Netherlands)

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Type and Media (ma)

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