Johann Kauth
On the crossroads of music and image

Grafisch Ontwerpen Event

If you’re looking for an interesting cross point on your journey along imagery and music as well Johann Kauth might be good company. And on the 27th of April he will take a detour along the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague to tell us about these travels.

Using silkscreen printing and mimeography (before it became a hype) as his partners in crime Johann makes spontaneous and amusing zines and books and publications and prints and tape releases and flyers and posters and probably more that we don’t even know. Viewing his work is a slight psychedelic experience - vibrant in colour and animated in shapes with non-existing semi-dogs, drawn flame letters and other oddities that are a pleasure for the eye but also a bit not to understand.

On the side he also keeps musical avances like his somewhere between odd and danceable but infamous Hallo Gallo-nights at the OCCII in Amsterdam and his own niche band(s). With such graphic and musical efforts it almost seems incomprehensible that he finished the Gerrit Rietveld Academy only two years ago (2010). A selection of his work has been exhibitioned at Schrank8 and recently at 100 Jaar Grafisch Geluk in Hilversum. 

During this lunch lecture he will tell us more on his crossroads of the musically and the visually. A combination which is fun and inspiring at the same time.

A lunch lecture at Playlab
Friday 27th of April
BB105 - 12:00 to 13:00

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