I/M/D-ers at the Border Sessions Festival in The Hague
28, 29, 30 June 2017 | Theater aan het Spui & Filmhuis

Interactive/Media/Design Past event

Border Sessions is a yearly technology conference and a year-round lab aimed to kick-start and fuel challenging ideas, experiments and endeavours with a strong focus on multidisciplinary projects.

The festival unites the most creative and critical minds from around the globe who share the belief that technology should be a powerful instrument for positive change.

Interactive labs: looking for opportunities and solutions together

The festival kicks off on Wednesday 28th of June with four different Border Labs: interactive technological workshops focusing on space travel, bio-hacking, sustainability and society.

In cooperation with organisations such as Mars-One, The Next Nature Network and Waag Society, creative and critical participants from different domains join forces to look for solutions to complex issues.
How can we prepare for life and work on Mars? What course will the artificial womb take in the future and what radical impact will its development have on society?

Workshops, presentations and talk-shows on technology

The programme on Thursday the 29th and Friday the 30th of June will consist of presentations, workshops and meetings. It is divided into five categories: Advanced Human Settlements, Darwin+, Human Nature, Next Society and Planetary Boundaries.

A range of big names from the technological world will be present. For example, the architects of renowned Clouds AO will speak about the development of buildings such as the Analemma Tower and the Mars Ice House, Robotica pioneer Ikuo Yamamoto (JAP.) demonstrates how fish bots can cause a social revolution, and young TU Delft student Bob Hendrikx tells the story of his inspiring Motown Movement, which is making a Detroit suburb self-supporting and sustainable. Celebrated sci-fi authors Alastair Reynolds and Charles Stross launch their latest novels alongside The Economist journalist Ryan Avent and Irish writer Mark O’Connell, whose To Be A Machine is a worldwide success.

Also among the speakers, our I/M/D teachers:
Anja Hertenberger (Interactive Textiles and IST WeTec)
Pawel Pokutycki (Interaction Design & Theory)

Jan Köhler (2nd year I/M/D student) shows work on location while the video leaders are made by Diego Ghandry (2nd year I/M/D).

Online promo video Border Sessions 2017:
Visuals - Tim Enghardt (2nd year I/M/D)
Sound - Christian Eckert (1st year I/M/D) 

Border Sessions 2017

When: Wednesday 28th of June to Friday 30th of June
Border Labs (28 June): Centre For Innovation, Grey Space in the Middle, ICX, Bazaar of Ideas 
Conference (29 and 30 June): Theater aan het Spui and Filmhuis Den Haag
Tickets: Tickets to the festival are €150 (excl. service fees).
Student tickets are available at a special discount of €45 (excl. service fees).

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