Winners of the Royal Academy Awards 2016!

KABK Festival

Congratulations all!


Sven van Dieken (Interior Architecture and Furniture Design)


Winner: Samuel Otte (Photography)
Honourable mentionings: Louise Rietvink (Interior Architecture and Furniture Design), Valeria Gay (Graphic Design), Renate van der Togt (Photography), Olena Shkarupa (Graphic Design)
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Winner: Tobias Lengkeek (Fine Arts)
Jan Roëde encouragement award
Winner: Edmond Steinbusch (Fine Arts)
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Winner: Yamuna Forzani (Textile & Fashion)
Honourable mentionings: Luuk Eggenhuizen  (Graphic Design),  Elizaveta Pritychenko (Graphic Design), Alexander Andropoulos (Fine Arts), Jerome Cornevin (Fine Arts), Suzie van Staaveren (Fine Arts), Fahmy Shanin (Interactive/Media/Design)
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Winner: Kimmo Virtanen (Photography)
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Winner: Suzie van Staaveren (Fine Arts)
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Winners: Doris Hardeman, Bas Kaufmann, Tobias Lengkeek, Suzie van Staaveren (Fine Arts)


ArtScience Department Award 
Nominees: Natali Blugerman, Tatiana Kolganova, Falco Pols
Winner: Natali Blugerman

Jury statement
This installation offers an incredible journey. With every taken step the visitor travels further away from the the surrounding world, until everything gone. Looking back in the end, just a single dot of reality is what remains. It is as if we are watching our sun from far away in space.

Fine Arts Department Award
Fine Arts Nominees: Katia Borghesi, Elsje Hollanders, Bas Kaufmann
Winner: Elsje Hollanders

Jury statement
The jury was pleasantly surprised by the way Bas Kaufmann makes use of the public space of the building and by the playful way of dealing with different materials and sculptural histories.
The jury was moved by the concentrated, poetic performance of Elsje Hollanders. Nothing too much, everything falls on the right place.
Katia Borghesi made an impressive installation where individual and collective memory are important ingredients. An installation which is very precise in all its details.

Graphic Design Department Award
Nominees: Octavia van Horik, Elizaveta Pritychenko, Vera van de Seyp
Winner: Vera van de Seyp

Jury statement
The project "Platform as Habitat" consists of two parts, a current inventory of technologies for the Internet of Things and a speculative catalogue of fictional computing devices. By comparing the two elements it becomes apparent that the boundaries between these stages are blurry and not yet identified. Congratulations to Vera van de Seyp for this exceptional project! This student received the department award also due to a four year long outstanding study trajectory.

Interactive/Media/Design Department Award
Nominees: Fahmy Shahin, Awinash Panchu
Winner: Fahmy Shahin 

Jury statement  
Fahmy, you have mapped a contested territory between politics and myth. Plastic/Ocean/Desert/Sky induces a vertigo of identity, calling our trusted narratives of place into question.

Interior Architecture and Furniture Design Department Award
Nominees: Une Kavaliauskaitė, Maria Tyakina, Eva Verberne
Winner: Eva Verberne

Jury statement 
Everything you do starts from a certain urge that people have, their behaviour. The materialisation of these interactions is somewhere in-between architecture and staging. Your graduation project is a very promising starting point for your future career.

Photography Department Award
Photography Nominees: Shari de Boer, Liza Szabó, Kimmo Virtanen
Winner: Kimmo Virtanen ​

Jury statement
Love is a human condition remarkably well suited for getting people into trouble with one another. "Thirty-Second Love Songs" is an animated short film contemplating the earthly issues of a divided family. The story is seen from the perspective of outer space and narrated in second person using tree pruning instructions as an allegory for domestic peacekeeping.

Textile and Fashion Department Award
Nominees: Elina Alekseeva, Sarah Lauwaert, Nadie Borggreve
Winner: Nadie Borggreve

Jury statement 

Elina Alekseeva
'Playful and impulsive but in charge, complex human emotions are translated into a strong, contemporary and authentic fashion statement.' 

 Nadie Borggreve
'In a very smart, surprising and brave manner, Nadie combines a distinctive sensibility for textiles with plenty of innovative experiments in shape and composition. This results in a truly exciting and intriguing avant-garde collection. '


Master ArtScience Department Award
Nominees: Stefan Bandalac, Ingrid Lee, Katarina Petrović
Winner: Ingrid Lee

Jury statement
This performance is a disturbing piece about identity. Who am I in the eyes of our technological society? What is 'me' and what is 'them'? Contemporary and universal issues are being addressed in a very poetic, brittle and above all touching manner.

Master Artistic Research Department Award
Winner: Ana Guedes

Jury statement
The MAR dept prize this year goes to Ana Guedes, for the richness and complexity of a practice where cognitive and material research have developed together, balancing themselves in tight construction and open performance. Ana has realised her interest in historical and emotional ‘glitches,’ moments when the personal seems to scream through the smooth narrative of history, by making strange multi-arm record players with which she DJ’s an intimate family archive of popular music – a set of records carefully shipped home from a country at war 40 years ago. The labels of the records tell one history, the way they are played a completely different one. The players themselves are astonishing objects. Ana’s ability to digest the personal and lace it into an historical framework and contemporary artistic practice is innovative and impressive, and has resulted in a wonderful final presentation.

Master Interior Architecture INSIDE Department Award
Nominees: Yuiko Yokota, Sisi Li
Winner: Sisi Li

Jury statement
From her personal experience of being lost in a traditional Hutong area in Beijing Sisi Li discovered the diversity of its residents who live in social housing, like craftsmen and service personnel. Sisi further explored the current situation around the Hutongs, destruction, gentrification and touristification and succeeded to rethink the typology of it. With your stunning presentation she convincingly shows that her approach could also be implemented in the Netherlands.

Yuiko Yokota: From a personal observation that led to a comparison between the Dutch approach to preserving the built environment and the situation in her home town of Takasaki in Japan, Yuiko came to an original and convincing concept for a better preservation of built elements in Japan. Yuiko succeeded in convincingly elaborate her concept into a viable and attractive design and present that in an appealing way.

Master TypeMedia Department Award
Nominees: Daniel Grumer, Marc Rouault, Franziska Weitgruber
Winner: Daniel Grumer 

Winner: Falco Pols (ArtScience)
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Winner: Daniel Grumer (Type and Media)
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Winner: Kimmo Virtanen (Photography)

Winner: Mamoru Okuno (Master Artistic Research) 

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Interior Architecture (ma)

Master INSIDE at the State of Design Festival in Berlin
1-4 June 2017, Berlin

School for Young Talent

End-of-year presentations by KABK preparatory courses
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Fine Arts

KABK Alumnus Sybren Renema in the Antarctic Pavillon of the 57th Venice Biennale
13 May - 6 August | Antarctic Pavillion, Palazzo Molin a San Basegio

Industrial Design

'Shapes of Sweden' by alumna Lilian van Daal acquired by the Centre Pompidou

Fine Arts

KABK teacher and photographer Anja de Jong shows work in Künstlerhaus Metternich, Koblenz and in Venice Art Biennale

Industrial Design

Alumni Sylwia Allen and Lindey Cafsia in the ABN AMRO Hotspots during DDW 2016
22-30 Oct | Dutch Design Week 2016 | Strijp Area, Eindhoven

Textile and Fashion

Textile & Fashion 2016 graduates in Modebelofte - Adaptive Travellers expo
DDW2016 | 22-30 October 2016

Textile and Fashion

Yamuna Forzani winner Stroom Encouragement Award 2016
Graduation Festival 2016

Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture and Furniture Design Graduation Exhibition, Call Me Open House.
1-7 July 2016 | Royal Academy of Art The Hague


Graduation exhibition Photography department
1-7 July 2016 | Royal Academy of Art The Hague

Artistic Research (ma)

Graduation show AUDIT
1-7 July 2016 | Royal Academy of Art The Hague

Graphic Design

Graduation show Graphic Design department
1-7 July 2016 | Royal Academy of Art The Hague

Interior Architecture (ma)

Graduation exhibition of Master Interior Architecture INSIDE
1-7 July 2016 | Royal Academy of Art The Hague

Industrial Design

DDW 2015: alumna Daniela Buonvino in ABN AMRO Hotspots
17-25 October 2015 | Ketelhuisplein Strijp-S


DDW 2015: Alumna Lynne Brouwer in ABN AMRO Hotspots
17-25 october 2015 | Ketelhuisplein Strijp-S


Nominees & Winners of the Royal Academy Awards 2015!


ArtScience celebrates 25th anniversary
Saturday 27 June 2015 | Paradiso, Amsterdam

Artistic Research (ma)

THE GREAT ESCAPE - Graduation exhibition Master Artistic Research
Opening: 3 July, 17:00h | Carl Denig space

Interior Architecture (ma)

Graduation Festival 2015
INSIDE - opening exhibition and mini symposium

ArtScience (ma)

28 - 30 May 2015 | GEMAK


OPEN DAY 31 January 2015
Photo credits: Marwan Bassiouni & Katarína Gališinová from the Photography department


Winners of the Academy Prizes 2014


35.000 visitors during the Salone del Mobile

Artistic Research (ma)

Un Sentiment de Comme Si (An Impression of As If)
MAR Graduation Exhibition


KABK @ Designkwartier

Interior Architecture

23-25 september 2011

Interior Architecture

17-25 september 2011



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