(Former) KABK students featuring in Museum Night The Hague

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Saturday 1 September from 20:00 until 01:30 hrs all museums in The Hague will be opened for the annual Museum Night The Hague. This year the night is focussed on local heroes. And a great deal of these heroes studied at the KABK!

Be there at the exhibition Nearly There in NEST including KABK alumni Lisanne Ackermann, Anne Forest, Josje Hattink, Frank Heiser, Ivan Henriques, Guido van der Linden, Nina Potrykus, Puck Verkade and Jan Wattjes while enjoying a performance by Zoe Kate Reddy.

Admire paintings by the famous Dutch artist and KABK alumnus Isaac Israels in the atrium of city hall and seize the opportunity to see some of his drawings at the Panorama Mesdag Museum.

Witness a robotic opera-ballet at STROOM, made by Art Science alumni Matteo Marangoni and Erfan Abdi.

And don’t forget to stop by at creative department store HOOP . Here KABK alumni Josje Hattink, Juliaan Andeweg, Mahal de Man, Lisanne Ackerman en Mirthe Kluck will be constructing a work of art on the spot. HOOP’s collection features work from many KABK alumni such as clothing by Anouk van Klaaveren, Michael Barnaat van Bergen and shirts by current student Jippiet. Get a new outfit by one of our local heroes!

By the way, Museum Night The Hague is still looking for volunteers. Want to exchange a couple of hours of your time for two free tickets? Check the website for more information on the programme and how to apply as a volunteer:

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