A shower of prizes for the young artists and designers of KABK

KABK Award

The final exam exhibition of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) ended on Saturday the 7th of July with a shower of prizes for the young creative talent who completed a KABK degree. Wendy Oakes (Photography) received the Aanmoedigingsprijs (encouragement prize) from Stroom Den Haag, Maarten Schenkeveld (Furniture Design) the Paul Schuitema Prize and Anton Lamberg (Graphic Design) the Royal Academy Prize. Marline van der Eijk received the Overduin Prize.

Anton Lamberg received the Royal Academy Prize from director Jack Verduyn Lunel for his work ‘It’s Simple’. Lamberg experimented with translating invisible structures into a graphical design. The structures in the experiment are aimed at evolution, nature and written language. The jury, consisting of the board of governors and all the KABK professors, were most of all impressed by the research and the quality of the three different forms Lamberg chose to express the result.

Paul Schuitema-prize

The Paul Schuitema Prize 2012 was won by Maarten Schenkeveld (Interior Architecture and Furniture Design). Schenkeveld explored the restrictions and freedoms of (furniture) design through a series of experiments in his work ‘One Piece a Day’. He managed to complete his work in a limited space of time and with carefully selected techniques and materials. The jury commented on how the work displayed a curiosity, enjoyment, discipline, research, but above all the will to have such an inherent knowledge of the material and processes that their characteristics and attributes essentially become the DNA of the produced form.

Stroom Aanmoedigingsprijs

Wendy Oakes (Photography) received the Stroom Aanmoedingsprijs (encouragement prize). Her film ‘Dream King’ follows a couple who spend a week in style in a castle with family and friends in honour of their ten year wedding anniversary. An unexpected event damages expectations, disturbs dreams and throws the main characters roughly back into reality. One of the reasons the jury were so impressed with the work was due to Oakes’ talent to express so much with so few words. The jury also thought it was very clever how she kept the key moment out of sight and managed to divert attention to a bigger personal story hidden behind the events.

Overduin Prize

New this year was the Overduijn Prize, presented by Henk and Ria Overduin. Henk Overduin was assistant director at the Municipality Museum The Hague. Marline van der Eijk (Fine Arts) received the prize for her stilled presentation which possessed both a poetic and philosophical quality. The jury report said of her presentation that it revealed the inquisitive mind of an artist who profiles herself as a real conceptual artist. Someone who marvels at the wonders of reality and who knows how to portray it in clever way.    


Department prizes were also issued on Saturday. These went to:
-       ArtScience: Matthijs Munnik
-       Visual Arts: Katinka van Gorkum
-       Photography: David Joosten
-       Graphic Design: Anton Lamberg
-       Interactive/Media/Design: Tom Laan
-       Interior Architecture and Furniture Design: Maarten Schenkeveld
-       Textile and Fashion: Miriam de Waard

The Windsor/Newton Visual Art encouragement prize went to Jakob de Jonge and the Goedman Graphics prize to Dinesh van de Berg Bhagwandas.


Josje Hattink from Fine-Arts department won this years thesis price with Fail to Learn. 

About the influence of failing in the process of artistic development.

News categories


Industrial Design

Alumna Lilian van Daal wins Volvo Design Challenge 2015!!

Fine Arts

Alumnus Jonas Raps receives an Honorable Mention
KoMASK Masters Salon 2015


Our recent Photography graduate Esther Hovers is the winner of StartPoint 2015!

Interior Architecture

Congratulations to Kristel ter Steege, winner of the BNI award 2015!!


KABK alumni supported by the Mondriaan Fund
Young Talent Work Contribution


Alumnus and Photography teacher Sjoerd Knibbeler and alumnus Maurice van Es among the shortlist of 2015 Paris Photo - Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards!


Four of our Photography graduates are nominated for the Steenbergen Stipendium!
Congratulations to Esther Hovers, Amber Toorop, Yara Van Der Velden and Majda Vidakovic!

Fine Arts

Four of our Fine Arts alumni nominated for the Royal Award for Modern Painting 2015
Congratulations to Anne Forest, Paul de Jong, Mirthe Klück, Lilian Kreutzberger!

Textile and Fashion


Textile and Fashion

Royalcore with Jurgi Persoons, head of our Texile & Fashion department
Interview in Vogue Italia

Textile and Fashion

An interview with Jurgi Persoons, head of the Textile & Fashion department by 1 Granary magazine
'Inspiration can be something that disgusts you'

Fine Arts

Alumnus and former KABK teacher Auke de Vries receives Wilheminaring 2015


Nominees & Winners of the Royal Academy Awards 2015!

Graphic Design

FIRST and SECOND prize in Chaumont Design Graphique!
International student competition of the 26th edition of the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival

Industrial Design

Alumna Lilian van Daal and guest lecturer Jólan van der Wiel nominated for the Volvo Design Challenge 2015!
Congratulations Lilian and Jólan!!

School for Young Talent

School for Young Talent in top ten best secondary schools


Part-Time Studies


Sjoerd Knibbeler wins the Grand Prix du jury Photographie in Hyères

Industrial Design

Alumna Lilian van Daal winner of the Public Award 'Ontwerp + Innovatieprijs Gelderland'
Congratulations Lilian!!



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